Falling for Fall TV


Zoey Towner, Writer

One of the things we look forward to as fall nears is the television that follows. We anticipate the return of our favorite shows, the ones that left us on a cliffhanger or the ones we just can’t seem to stray from. We also discover new shows that catch our eye in the commercials or come up in our Netflix “New Arrival” notifications.
There are so many programs to choose from, and so many ways to watch them that even the busiest Pres girls can find the time to binge their favorite shows. These are just a few of the shows, both new and returning to the Fall TV lineup this
year, with something for everyone
to enjoy.

New Shows
Manifest is centered around a plane, Flight 828, that gets struck by lightning while in the air. When the plane lands, the passengers learn that five years have gone by, but they have not aged at all. This show seems like a new twist on old favorites (Lost is one such example), as it takes the setting of disaster and adds a mysterious supernatural twist. The show focuses on what happened to Flight 828, and what the voices mean for all the passengers.Although there are no obvious breakout stars from the fairly unknown cast, the actors carry out the story in a believable way. While we will have to watch the rest of the first season to see if this show will stick around, the pilot episode seems promising as a new favorite drama.

Maniac focuses on two people, Annie Lansberg (La La Land’s Emma Stone) and Owen Milgrim (21 Jump Street’s Jonah Hill), who participate in a drug trial. While Annie participates in the trail to get more of the “A” drug she is addicted to, Owen struggles with schizophrenia and not fitting in with his family. The subjects take part in a pharmaceutical drug experiment with three pills that transport them to different realities in their minds. Throughout the trial, Owen and Emma keep coming back to each other despite attempts to pull them apart, and in the end find true friendship in one another.

Although this show is not for everyone, it definitely has a strong science fiction element and at its core is all about human emotions and connection. It’s a good middle ground between Stranger Things and Black Mirror. Both Stone and Hill deliver the strong performances that you would expect from Oscar winners and nominees. The show currently does not have a large audience, but those who it does attract will enjoy the many complexities it offers.

Charmed (reboot)
Charmed is yet another reboot in 2018. The pilot begins with two girls, Mel and Maggie, and the death of their mother, as well as the discovery of a long-lost sister Macy. The sisters soon discover that they have powers, and are brought together by their new adviser Harry Greenwood to find out they are “charmed,” just like their mother. They then have 48 hours to decide if they want to be witches or not, and the newfound sisters form a bond while they learn to stop demons together. They decide to accept their fate as witches, and Macy moves into the house that once belonged to Mel, Maggie and their mother. From the beginning, this show presents its relevance, covering certain topics like the Me Too movement and sexual harassment. Unlike the original show that aired in the late 1990s and early 2000s, this Charmed reboot has a diverse cast with mainly Latina and African American leads. It is also more relevant for our time, as the main character Mel is a lesbian without becoming a main storyline or conflict. In fact, this is a known detail of her character.
Overall, this show is a great addition to the other teen dramas on the CW, and comes just in time for Halloween.

This is Us
Returning for a third season, This is Us started again with the birthdays of the “Big Three” (Randall, Kevin and Kate Pearson). As always, there is a lot going on in the Pearson family, with Randall wanting to adopt his foster daughter Deja, Kevin dating Beth’s coustin Zoe and Kate and Toby getting bad news from the fertility doctor and a first date of Jack and Rebecca that took place on the same day.
This show has become widely praised since its premiere in 2016, as it demonstrates the depth and emotion of the milestones and small moments in life and each episode brings emotional storylines and incredible acting. When asked why she was anticipating its return, Suarez said, “I was excited for the show to come back because it is one of my favorites, and last season ended on a bit of a cliffhanger so I wanted to see what was going to happen next.”

American Horror Story: Apocalypse
American Horror Story returns with another installment of the series beginning with a nuclear apocalypse and tension between the survivors inside a sealed bunker. Actors from the previous installments return to this installment Sarah Paulson, Kathy Bates, Stevie Nicks and more.

When asked why she liked the show, junior Katelyn Lohbeck said one thing: “Evan Peters.” This refers to the cast member who has been in all 8 seasons of the series thus far. She also mentioned that she was excited for the return of the series because “of all the apocalypse theories that there have been…I wanna see how they make the apocalypse happen.” This raved-about series does not disappoint with its latest season.