Letter to My Little Sisters


Isabelle McKenzie, Reporter

Dear Freshmen,

When they say these next four years really do fly by, they aren’t kidding. High school may be a whirlwind of constant deadlines, CRPs and unit exams, but aside from that all, it is also a time to remember. It’s a time to learn, have fun, meet new friends and sing your favorite songs at Black and White at the top of your lungs.

Sometimes high school may be difficult to enjoy, but it takes the right amount of sunlight, water, and care for every flower to blossom. The senior class hopes that you can become the happiest, most successful version of yourself over these next few years with these pieces of advice.

Put yourself out there! “I do wish I realized from the first day how easy it was to make new friends,” Senior Alana De La Torre says. Senior Rilie Krieg finds that “just being yourself attracts others.” De La Torre’s involvement in field hockey throughout her freshman and sophomore years is something that she truly values as a part of her high school career. “Even though I only did it for two years, I’m happy that I did do field hockey. I’m happy that I went into a sport freshman year because I feel like I met a lot of new friends through it,” she says. “Join clubs and try out for a new sport,” she says.

Be a leader! Sports isn’t the only thing that De La Torre holds close to her heart as a well-rounded Panther. “I’m happy that im a SEAS officer. I feel like committing yourself to a club is really fulfilling, just like any leadership position at Pres,” she says.

Attend school dances and mixers! De La Torre also encourages the incoming Panthers to attend fun social activities put on by the school. “If you have to opportunity to, go to every dance, every mixer. I really wish I went to Black and White freshmen year… You don’t need a date to go to the dances; go with your friends,” she says.

Going to Pres was a big change for senior Rilie Krieg. “Before Pres, I went to public middle and elementary schools and was used to wearing whatever I wanted to school. All of a sudden, I found myself at a Catholic, all girls school with uniforms,” she says.

It’s okay to struggle! Though Krieg was confident in making new friends at Pres, she found herself not as confident with a workload that was much larger than she was used to. “The workload at Pres was a big jump from what I was used to in middle school. Sometimes I wasn’t able to turn everything in on time…It took awhile, but I finally found what worked for me,” she says.

Don’t make academics your whole life! Krieg believes that the best way to succeed academically in high school is to remember that work isn’t everything; you need other activities to fill your day. “Sit down, get the work done and then relax. You’ve got to spend some time for yourself… You’ve got to remember, you are above the work. Colleges want a living, breathing person, not some robot,” she says.

Be healthy! Krieg encourages all freshmen to not only have healthy habits but also a healthy attitude. “Smile at people in the halls, talk to someone you’re not super familiar with, be nice to others… Even the smallest act of kindness can turn someone’s day around.”

There is so much to be learned throughout your high school journey. Mistakes will be made, and lessons will be learned. Discover your passions, immerse yourself in what you love, but remember to remain healthy and not take on more than you can handle. With that, the seniors, wish the newest Panthers the best of luck!


Class of 2019