Binge or Cringe

Binge or Cringe

Isabelle McKenzie, Reporter

Insatiable (1 star)

Insatiable is centered around Patty Bladdell, a young high school girl, who for as long as she can remember was teased, bullied, and underestimated by her classmates for being overweight. After a fight with a homeless man that leads to a broken jaw, Patty  returns to school with a new figure and a burning rage. A summer vacation of a wired-shut jaw and liquid diets has allowed her to have what feels like a fresh start. However, Patty finds herself still hungry; this time she is hungry for revenge.

Don’t Bother: Insatiable is an extremely negative show, in the worst possible way. Although the show received a great deal of criticism upon release, I still wanted to form my own opinion and at least give it a watch before making any judgements. Throughout each episode, I kept my fingers crossed, hoping at some point that the show would get better. It never did.. Continuously, I found myself feeling increasingly uncomfortable with the terrible comments made by the show’s characters and Patty’s unspeakable actions as a means of revenge. One of the first lines in the show, “I spent my entire adolescence hating my body”, brings a pessimistic attitude to the show, less than a minute in. Please, don’t bother.

Anne With an “E” (4 stars)

Anne With an “E” focuses in on Anne Shirley, a talented  orphan, she finds a new home with Marilla and Matthew Cuthbert in the lovely village of Avonlea, providing her endless opportunities.

A Pleasant Surprise: I’d call Anne With an “E” an acquired taste. I personally loved it. I decided to watch the show after I saw multiple posts on social media praising the show.I was not disappointed! At first the show was a little slow and I first found Anne a little difficult to connect with, I soon found myself watching episode after episode, extremely invested in the plot . Anne With an “E” is witty, enticing, and never fails to bring a smile to my face. In a world with strict barriers, Anne teaches us that it’s okay to make mistakes and to express ourselves completely, rather than hide who we are.

Dynasty (4 stars)

Dynasty introduces watchers to the the extravagant life of the Carrington family. Hardworking Fallon Carrington’s world turns upside down when her father announces his engagement to Fallon’s rival employee at Carrington Atlantic, her  family’s company. Each episode follows Fallon and her family, as she climbs the ladder of success and lives each day in a whirlwind of chaos, romance, and expense!

It’ll be Back: I practically cheered when I found out that Dynasty would be back for season two. The last episode left my jaw dropped and I was dying to know what would happen next. Each episode of Dynasty, brings a shockingly dramatic series of twists and turns that’ll leave you on  the edge of your seat and wanting more. The unexpected is always around the corner when it comes to the Carrington family.

On My Block (5 stars)

On My Block looks into the lives of Montse, Cesar, Jamal, and Ruby, four best friends who are entering their freshman year of high school. Living in South Central Los Angeles, the friends navigate a dangerous situations, including helping one their own escape gang life. This coming-of-age story looks into the individual lives of each the close friends, as they deal with the adventure, romance, and challenges that come hand-in-hand with growing up.

Must Watch: On My Block is just about everything you could hope for in a T.V. show. Not only does the drama, adventure, and romance encapture watchers, but the shocking relatabilty of the teenagers and their high school experiences. On My Block will make you laugh, cry, and celebrate with the characters as they mature through both challenging and exciting experiences alike.