New Actors versus Old Actors


Asha Chandar, Reporter

These announcements primarily inform  the students that there is a show running but do not discuss the actors or  what happens . Most of the actors are passionate about the shows they put on. Some seniors have been acting for years, and some of our underclassmen are new or have done a few shows in the past.

Senior Samantha Baron started acting in kindergarten. She stated, “… [Her] grade school wanted to expose the younger kids to theater and art.” The first show she was in was A Jungle Out There.

When she first acting it was not much of a choice because it was a class. The first show Baron auditioned for at Presentation was Bring It On. as a freshmen. She had said the first audition, “…was nerve-wracking for me…I had never done a high school play.”

Baron had received a lead role as Kylar in the winter production of Bring It On. Baron also auditioned for Footloose where she was placed as the Principal, in the Band and in the ensemble. She enjoys Presentation theater because, “…Pres plays are so much more professional than others because of how good everyone is and how good Mr. Houle is.”

Sophomore Isabel Leoni started acting in second grade. During much of elementary school, she was placed in ensemble roles. Sixth grade was when she played Marty in Grease. From there she started to play more main roles such as Ms. Hannigan in Annie, Cinderella in Cinderella, and Maria in West Side Story.

Leoni says, “Maria was probably the most life altering theater experience I’ve had in my life. Participating in this show as one of my dream roles, i was challenged in many different ways and learned more about my capabilities than I had before.”  She was intimidated at her first audition and is welcoming. She, “… was completely with fear….” She is ready for the next couple of months.

Sam is one Presentations talented older actors, and Isabel is one of Presentations new actors.