How Pres Students Found Out the Truth about Santa Claus

There is one moment in the lives of everyone who celebrates Christmas that they will never forget, that they probably wish they could forget – the moment they find out Santa isn’t real. Here are some of the stories of Presentation students who have volunteered to share their traumatizing experience for the sake of journalism.

Freshman Hailey Franz found out the truth when her grandparents decided to take credit for “Santa’s” gift. “It was kind of traumatizing… and I felt like my childhood was ending,” says Franz. “I grabbed the gift that said ‘From Santa’ and opened it… and I [said], ‘Oh my God! Thank you so much!’ and [my grandparents said], ‘Oh, no problem!’ and I [said], ‘Wait what?… This says From Santa!’” The only explanation could be that her grandpa is Santa, right?

Senior Taylor Togami realized that sometimes “Santa’s” elves are too busy to make all the toys. “There was a present [from Santa] under the tree… So I went over, opened my present and there was the game that I wanted, but right at the bottom there was a Costco receipt…” Togami says. “I [asked] ‘Hey, Mom, why does Santa have a Costco receipt?’ and she told me, ‘Oh you know, Taylor, sometimes Santa runs out of time and he has to go stop by Costco really quick.’ But that didn’t fly by me.” You never know – maybe there’s a Costco in the North Pole.

Senior Sydney Bohn’s parents weren’t any more careful. Bohn caught “Santa” taking a break to watch some T.V. “I was like every eight-year-old… I tried to sneak down the stairs to look and I see the T.V.’s on. And I was [thinking], “Oh, maybe Santa Claus just needed to stop and catch a break… He wanted to watch some T.V. while he’s eating his cookies, so I go down and I look and I see it’s my Dad passed out on the couch.” Bohn continues, “maybe Santa hasn’t come yet, but I see all the presents were out there. I put two and two together… And then I’m just sitting there in my room bawling my eyes out as this little eight-year-old who doesn’t know if my 13-year-old brother knows that Santa Claus isn’t real.” And the cycle continues – adults keep making rookie mistakes.

Unlike the others, freshman Madeline Bentzel was in the midst of an already rough Christmas Eve when it only got worse. “One Christmas Eve I got sick after eating too much dessert at someone’s house,” Bentzel says. “I couldn’t fall asleep because my stomach hurt… I threw up and then I [went] to tell my parents… I saw them putting more presents [from Santa] under the tree…” Moms never told you that eating too many cookies could destroy your innocence, too.