Jane Jeziorski Memorial


Olivia Catelani

Work Scholarship Students

Lea Stith – Senior

I just remember Jane always being so energetic for every event she helped out with. Whether it was the Crab Feed or another dinner, she always gave everything she did 110% and made sure to tell us our work was always appreciated.

Zahira Trejo – Senior

A favorite memory I have of Mrs. Jeziorski is when we were setting up for the Poker Tournament after school. We had just finished placing all the green poker tables and chairs, decorating, and catering the food. Everyone had signed out and left and it was just me and Mrs. Jeziorski. When she noticed that I was hanging around, she asked me what I was still doing here and I told her I had rehearsals for Chicago. She said, “Oh you poor thing,” and started offering me food, wondered if I had a ride after rehearsals, and let me stay in the center while I waited for rehearsals since it was cold outside.

Presentation Employees

Toni vonDohren – Parent Board Moderator

The first time I remember meeting Jane, I was a parent of a freshman, coming from work after a 10-hour day to attend an auction meeting.  When I walked in the library, Jane approached me and asked my name and how I was doing.  When I responded with “Tired,” she immediately walked with me over to get a cupcake and some caffeinated drink.  We talked for awhile and she asked about my day and commented that a 10-hour day must have been so hard.

A couple of months later when we were setting up the auction, I spoke with one of the committee members who mentioned that Jane rarely worked less than 10 hours a day.  It’s always amazed me where she got her energy.  I finally asked her one day and her response was that she loved what she did and she loved doing something that benefited the girls of Pres.

Alice Ursano – Director of Advancement

Jane had an infectious laugh. She found so many things funny. Several times a year the Advancement staff would have a luncheon to celebrate birthdays.
Jane would laugh so hard at the funny pictures on the birthday cards, that we started giving her all the cards for Jane to read aloud. Even though it was our birthday, the gift was seeing Jane laugh as she read our cards. She could never get the card entirely read without almost falling out of her chair in laughter.

Another thing you should know about Jane, she never came to work without lipstick on. Her mother told her to never leave the house without paste and paint!