Teacher Gift Guide


Sarah Vincent, Reporter

There is no better way to thank your teachers for all of their hard work this semester than to write a card and give them a small gift. Here are some ideas for holiday gifts for some of your favorite teachers:


Mr. Donoho –

Calling all Donohomies! Does anyone remember the sad day when Mr. Donoho dropped his mug in the middle of class? Well, if somebody wants to restore Mr. Donoho’s happiness, she should buy him a new, preferably shatter-resistant, mug.


Ms. Dang –

One banana, two bananas, three bananas, four. That is still not enough, Ms. Dang needs more! If people want to continue to receive banana bread mid-class, they should bring her a banana tree for the holidays so that her supply never runs out.


Ms. Cardenas –

Ms. Cardenas’ cats always seem to be injured, so to take precautionary measures, someone should gift her a cat cast. It would also be a great gift idea to get Ms. Cardenas Crafting with Cat Hair (found on Amazon) to pass the time while the cats are healing.


Mr. Lee –

What could be better than getting Mr. Lee another neon athletic polo? The answer is obvious: a matching one for his soon-to-be son!


Ms. Ford –

She probably has 100 Grateful Dead shirts already, but can true fans ever really get enough?


Mr. Garbo –

Mr. Garbo NEEDS a new red pen. Given the amount of bleeding on everyone’s papers this year, it’s clear he has used his current supply all up.


Mme. Stampfl –

What does Mme Stampfl really need to survive this holiday season? Nothing other than sound-proof headphones to block out the cringe-worthy singing of Petit Papa Noël.