All Time Best Halloween Movies

With the Halloween season coming up, a flood of scary movies is going to play in the days leading up to this haunted holiday. Even better, Halloween  is set to occur on a Saturday this year.  So if you’re going to skip the trick or treating and want to spend the night scaring yourself to death–or just taking a trip down memory lane–, here is a list of some of the most popular and beloved movies celebrating the spooky season.

  • Hocus Pocus
    • One boy, his sister and his new crush accidentally resurrect three witches from the 1600’s and try their best to avoid being captured while also preventing them from once again leaving terror in this quiet, little town.
  • Halloweentown
    • After following their eccentric grandmother onto a magical bus, 13-year old Marnie and her brother and sister fight against the evil demon threatening the safety of the beloved Halloweentown.
  • The Nightmare Before Christmas
    • This dark mixture between Halloween and Christmas introduces Jack Skellington, the notorious Pumpkin King, who has decided to improve Christmas in his own ghastly manner only to be met with dastardly consequences.
  • Haunted Mansion
    • In an attempt at a vacation gone bad a father, Eddie Murphy, with the help of his two kids, find themselves facing off ghosts, talking statues and sassy crystal balls as they try to save his wife from the clutches of a desperate, heartbroken ghost.
  • Twitches
    • Two twin sisters from vastly different worlds suddenly meet and discover that their history is far from normal. After their past is uncovered, the two newfound sisters fight to save their family and the home that they had never known.

Halloween wouldn’t be complete without a few fun-loving and unusual holiday stories. So be prepared to be scared to pieces with these Halloween classics and, when the time comes, be ready to show off your spooky spirit!