After 41 Years at Pres, Mary Miller Announces Resignation as President

After 41 Years at Pres, Mary Miller Announces Resignation as President

The Voice Staff

On September 14, Mary Miller stepped down as president after dedicating most of her adult career to Presentation High School.

Miller worked at Presentation High School for 41 years and is an alumnae herself. She served as the principal at the school for 25 years before becoming president just last year.

An email was sent out to Presentation students, parents, and alumni on September 5. Emails to parents and alumni included access to Miller’s resignation letter, the Board of Directors’ response, and a personal note. Emails to students included a personal letter reflecting on her experience at Presentation and her continued support of the students.

According to Miller in her letter of resignation, her hope is that her absence would bring some peace to the school.

Miller cited that the allegations of past sexual abuse continued to be “a distraction” for Presentation and that looking forward, the Presentation administration should focus on “the success and well-being of [current] students” and that in order to move forward from the past, the school must “dedicate ourselves to the future.”

Presentation High School also announced that Sister Pam Chiesa of the Presentation Sisters will replace Marian Stuckey as Chairperson of Presentation High School’s Board of Directors.

Similar to Miller, Chiesa expresses that it is essential to acknowledge past actions, but also to strive towards reconciliation. “We recognize that Mary has been the focus of criticism in her handling of reporting  misconduct cases…now is the time to refocus on our mission and begin healing our community,” Chiesa said.

Currently, the school is holding a national search for a new president.