Pres Cartoonists


Heather Jacobson, Reporter

Art is almost forgotten amidst busy schedules, tests, and AP exams while attending Presentation. It seems that every Pres girl is just trying to catch up with everything that is going on academically that hobbies and other extracurricular activities appear impossible.

Fortunately, a few students do carve out time for their personal interests and focus on a very cool art form–cartooning. Seniors Caitlin Keating and Gaby Mota have shared a bit of insight into their art.


The Voice: When did you get into cartoonist art?

CK: I got into cartoon-styled art when I was about three and I watched Bambi for the first time. I obsessively drew Bambi after that and eventually moved on to reading a lot of Peanuts, Calvin and Hobbes, The Far Side, etc.

GM: I started doodling in middle school because I admired a lot of the drawings that my friends would make. Eventually I started picking up the hobby when my middle school art teacher, Mr. Tomasso, would praise the various “pieces” I’d create in his class.


The Voice: What subjects do you usually focus on?

CK: I focus on people and humor for the most part. A lot of my cartoon drawings are jokes or I use the cartoon style to achieve a certain aesthetic for my work.

GM: I enjoy drawing people the most! My style ranges from intensely detailed drawings of real people, to silly sketches and cartoons.


The Voice: Is there someone/something which influences what or why you draw?

CK: Movies with good cinematography, video games, and cartoons inspire me, personally. Lots of Wes Anderson and Studio Ghibli films.

GM:For a decent amount of my life, I was just inspired by the creative people in my life. One of my favorite cousins is a very talented artist, in my opinion, and has always inspired me to learn new techniques and styles.


The Voice: What other forms of art besides cartoonist art are you interested in?

CK: I’m focused on video game design currently, as I’m hoping to have a career working in the gaming or movie industry.

GM:I honestly feel like I have the ability to express my style through various forms of art. I am currently in Advanced Art with Ms. Deak, and I can honestly say that this class has opened me up to a whole world of mediums that I never would have explored had it not been for this class. I like to create realistic art of different objects or people. However, I like to use my artistic license to modify the piece in a way that best fits my style.


The Voice: What aspect of cartoons most appeal to you?

CK:The simplicity of cartoons appeals to me most. You can also use a lot of colors in cartoons and still have a strong composition, where in studio art it’s a lot more monotone and simple usually.

GM: I like the way cartoons can start off with a base shape, but through the use of identifying features, can represent a specific person. I also enjoy that they are quick and easy to draw, so it is easy for me to create a quick doodle on the side of some notes or on a random piece of scrap paper.


The Voice: How often would you say you draw cartoonist art? Is it a hobby done everyday or more sporadic?

CK:I draw daily as a hobby and about half the work I make is in a cartoon-like style.

GM:I would like to say that these doodles happen sporadically, but if I’m being completely honest I’ll probably create some kind of cartoon/doodle at least once per day, if I have time to spare. Each doodle doesn’t turn out to be some super creative work of art, but I like the way they can fill up space on, otherwise, boring notes.