Thanksgiving Horror Stories


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One of the best parts of the holiday season is arguably the movies. Classics aside, there are dozens of funny movies like Home Alone about serious holiday mishaps. Perhaps these movies are so popular because they are relatable to many of us.

There is a certain level of truth that a lot can go wrong when hosting big dinners, flying across the country, and trying to keep the whole Santa story alive–it’s a lot to keep track of. As we kick off Halloween, we thought we’d get you all pumped for the holidays with some “Holiday Horror Stories.”

We asked Pres girls about their best, and worst, Thanksgiving fails. Here’s what they had for us.

  • “One Thanksgiving when I was really little I was sitting with my cousins at the “kid table.” I don’t know what I was doing, I guess I was fooling around or something and ended up falling back on my chair and my head hit the decorative marble table, splitting my scalp. Our Thanksgiving transformed into a trip to the emergency room.”-Junior Katelyn Murphy.
  • “Freshman year I broke up with this guy a week before Thanksgiving but didn’t know my parents had arranged to have Thanksgiving with his family. My parents made me go and it was an extremely awkward dinner.”  -Senior Kate Linehan
  • “This didn’t happen to me but my English teacher told me her family hosted Thanksgiving a few years back and had left the turkey out for a while before they popped it in the oven. They came back and the entire thing was covered in ants…they washed it, cooked it, and told no one.”        -Senior Mariah Stewart
  • “Something that went wrong on my Thanksgiving was my mom burning the turkey. The turkey was in the oven for a very long time until it started smoking. The entire house was full of smoke and it was so stuffy that we had to leave the house for a while.  We eventually ended up buying another turkey, but it didn’t finish cooking until it was late, so we had a late Thanksgiving.”                                                                                                              -Sophomore Payton Stauble
  • “We always have Thanksgiving at my Grandma’s house. She knows that I am allergic to nuts and usually tells me what dish has nuts in it, or we usually avoid nuts altogether. However last year she forgot to tell me that she had bought Chex mix with nuts in it. I didn’t know such a thing existed so I ate some (not knowing there were nuts in it). I subsequently had a very bad allergic reaction. I began to break out in hives and I had a lot of trouble breathing. We almost had to go to the hospital but thankfully I took some Benadryl and my reaction subsided. However, since Benadryl makes you extremely drowsy, I ended up passing out on my grandmother’s couch and missing dinner; and that’s how my grandmother almost killed me.”                          – Senior Beth Reinhart