Player Profile: Brittany Gillingham


Erika Ackley, Managing Editor

This month The Voice caught up with Senior Brittany Gillingham for a few questions on what it’s like to play volleyball. Brittany, who has been playing volleyball for several years, just finished her last season on the Varsity team here at Pres and will be continuing her volleyball career next year at Santa Clara University.

The Voice: How long have you been playing volleyball and how did you get started?

Brittany Gillingham: I have played volleyball for about 7 years. I got started playing for St. Chris then Kaitlyn Poncetta convinced me to try out for a club team when we were 12. I have been playing ever since.

The Voice: What position do you play? What do you like best about it?

BG: I play libero which is the person with the other color jersey. I like being able to dig the hitters and to be the leader of the defenders of the back row.

The Voice:  How do you feel that Pres did this season overall?

BG: I felt like we did well. We had our ups and downs this season. We made it really far in the Norcal tournament. I’m really proud of what we were able to accomplish this season. I am really sad that I won’t be able to play with my friends anymore.

The Voice: What has been your worst injury from volleyball? How did it happen?

BG: My worst injury would have to be when I got a concussion in February. An outside hitter hit the ball at me and I wasn’t able to get my hands up fast enough to block my face. She hit me in the side of the head and I don’t remember the rest of the game.

The Voice: What is your proudest/most memorable volleyball moment at Pres ?

BG: My proudest moment at Pres was when we won the Christine Craft Tournament in Sacramento. We didn’t have everyone there so it was fun to see the underclassmen have their shot to play well. I was really proud of every underclassmen that stepped up when we needed them. It was a really long day and we played some really good teams. It was a great tournament that gave us a lot of confidence going forward.

The Voice: What was your favorite part about playing volleyball at Pres?

BG: My favorite part was being able to play at Pres was the ability to play with my teammates. I made some great friendships that will last forever. It became like a family atmosphere. I will miss them a lot next year.

The Voice: I understand you’re going to play in college. What was the recruitment process like?

BG: The recruitment process was a little stressful. I would just see all these people committing and I just wished that that would be me. It was also hard for me to look at the school for academic and social reasons, not just for volleyball. It was also fun visiting a bunch of different schools all over the country that I would never have looked at without volleyball.

The Voice: Do you think that playing in college will differ from high school? If so, how?

BG: Playing in college will be a lot different than high school. The game will be just a lot faster in general. Everybody is a great player in college. I’m going to have to work really hard to get my time on the court.

The Voice: If you didn’t play volleyball, what other sport(s) would you play?

BG: If I didn’t play volleyball, I would still be playing soccer.