Player Profile: Marley Wahler

Christina Dobbek, Opinions Editor

Senior Marley Wahler has been playing field hockey for six years. Since her sophomore year, she has been playing on the varsity team at Presentation, and is playing division three next year at Skidmore College in New York.

Wahler is constantly working on improving her fitness. “Everyday for field hockey we practice for 2 hours and then we have group conditioning for [about] a half an hour and I do another half an hour [of conditioning] after that. That’s just during season and then off season, I usually workout two to three hours a day,” says Wahler.

As well as being physically challenging, playing a sport competitively is also mentally challenging. According to Wahler, the most challenging aspect of playing field hockey competitively is “getting over yourself and realizing you can only control the things that you can control.”

Playing a college sport requires a lot of time and dedication, but Wahler finds that this commitment is worth it. “It is pretty challenging having that chunk of time and all the training that goes into it…I am a better person when I’m doing the things that make me happy… In order to be living my best life, I have to have that escape… I’ll be doing good for others if I’m doing good for myself,” she says.

Wahler is excited to continue her field hockey career into college and the Pres community will always be there to cheer her on. She says, “As I started improving more, I started getting more passionate about the sport…I decided that it was such a big part of my life that I can’t see my life without it.”