“Not Words but Deeds”


Lakshmi Ramesh, Staff Reporter

As stated in the community involvement page of the Pres website, “‘…Not Words but Deeds’ isn’t just a motto. Rather it is a heartfelt goal, a mission that is lived out and ingrained into our culture”.

Fulfilling this mission statement, our athletic teams run annual fundraisers in order to support and enrich the Pres community we exist in, and to empathize with those suffering from health issues by contributing to their cause. The three different fundraisers, designed for these purposes, are Kill for the Cure, Splash Out Cancer and Swim to Remember.

The Pres volleyball teams, Varsity, JV and Freshman, uphold their support towards augmenting cancer research through their annual fundraiser, Kill for the Cure. According to Kevin Saldivar, Assistant Athletic Director & Sports Information Director, the tradition of fundraising for breast cancer research was begun about 8 years ago by the JV Volleyball coach at the time, whose mother had contracted breast cancer. The money earned from the bake sale and raffle was donated for this purpose to the Sideout Foundation.

Splash Out Cancer is a brand new event that was brought to life by Sophomore Sarah Shaw, and the beneficiary of the funds was American Cancer Society for the millions of diseased who depend on it.

This fundraiser was run by the water polo team where a splash out game along with a bake sale took place. Shaw claims that though the idea popped out of her brain, it could have not been executed without the aid of her team members.From donating their precious time to be active in the bake sale to creating posters for it, the Varsity and Junior Varsity team were intrinsically involved. Their team efforts came to fruit, as they raised over nearly $200 for the American Cancer Society!

With a similar purpose, Swim to Remember is run annually by swim coach, Marisa Cozort, in honor of a former Pres staff member who passed away from cancer. Money is raised through the sponsors who allocate an amount for the number of laps swum as well as flat donations. According to Mr. Saldivar, “…the proceeds benefit the Claire Buchser Memorial Scholarship and Bay Area Cancer Connections, a non-profit resource center for individuals diagnosed with breast cancer.”

The Pres community shows gratitude for the blessings that are bestowed upon it through these fundraisers which dedicate their profits to research in cancer, and by standing by our fellow brothers and sisters as they struggle against it.