Player Profile: Vianna Phung


Isabelle McKenzie, Reporter

Vianna Phung is is a senior who plays doubles on the Varsity Tennis team here at Pres. After participating in the sport for four years, she shares some of her favorite moments when playing tennis and speaks about the many things that keep her passionate and motivated.


The Voice: How long have you been playing tennis and how did you first get involved in it?

Vianna Phung: “I’ve been playing tennis for about four years. I got involved because my best friend was playing.”


The Voice: How often do you practice?

VP: “During season, I practice Monday through Saturday for about three hours. Off season, I practice about twice or three times a week for two to three hours.”


The Voice: Do you play on a club tennis team or take tennis classes outside of school? Why or why not?

VP: “I play with a coach outside of school because I don’t have the time to play club. This helps me keep up my technique.”


The Voice: What is your favorite part of a tennis match?

VP: “Probably getting food after matches with the team and getting to cheer on my teammates.”


The Voice: What is your favorite memory when playing tennis?

VP: “When I got a WCAL award. Jackie and I got an honorable mention for doubles.”


The Voice: What strategy do find works best when playing doubles?

VP: “I think communication is key. Just getting to know your partner is a really important part of playing doubles well. I play with Ruchika.”


The Voice: Why are you passionate about this sport?

VP: “It’s really fun and I love it. It gives me something to do that’s not school.


The Voice: What motivates you to do your best during a game?

VP: “My doubles partner Ruchika. We both really want to win and do well so the team has a better chance of winning the entire match.”


The Voice: How do you motivate your teammates?

VP: “I hype up my teammates by complimenting them. I’ll say something like ‘You got it girl’ or ‘Nice play’.”


The Voice: Do you have any pre game routine?

VP: “I always tie my hair twice with two rubber bands and then tie it a third time with a white Lululemon scrunchie.”


The Voice: Who is your favorite tennis player?  What about them do you try to emulate?

VP: “My favorite tennis player is Serena Williams. She’s so tough and has overcome a lot. She’s so successful despite all her hardships. I try to emulate the way she doesn’t let her emotions get to her.”


The Voice: Any embarrassing moments you’d like to share?

VP: “One time Ruchika hit me with a ball while we were playing. That was pretty funny.”