Switching Gears: Biking to Pres

Briana Gallo, Reporter

For many Pres students, a typical morning routine consists of dragging oneself out of bed, throwing on a skirt and rolling up to school via car.  However, some students roll up through a different style: biking.

In honor of National Bike month, The Voice spoke with a few Pres students who bike to school everyday.

While one might think biking is only a realistic option for students who live close to Presentation, such as junior Carla Pelino, that is not always the case. Pelino has an eight-minute commute to Pres, while junior Tessa Johnson rides eight miles to school.

Johnson said, “It is important to see that it is actually possible. Even though I live really far away, it is still possible to choose a cleaner method of transportation.”

Whether the trek to school takes only few minutes or nearly an hour, Pelino and Johnson both bike based on the the availability of a car. Pelino has ridden her bike every day since freshman year because she cannot drive.

On the other hand, Johnson just started riding her bike occasionally within the past month because of the unreliability of having a car. “Sometimes my car breaks down because it is a really bad car, and my brother got back from college and he uses the car a lot so I get stuck with the bike,” she said.  

As one can imagine, biking has its fair share of challenges. Both Pelino and Johnson agree commuting via bike can be rather dangerous. “I have almost been hit a few times, but I mean I’m still alive,” said Pelino.

Biking also requires a bit of athleticism, especially if one lives a great distance away like Johnson. “I hope one day I’m in good enough shape to bike to school without feeling like I’m about to die,” she said.

If being tired in the morning was not already enough, biking to school can mean having some extra perspiration too. Johnson said she usually has to clean up before class and Pelino peels off her several layers during the first period because of especially chilly mornings.

Biking can be an arduous form of transportation, but the many students who continue to utilize it everyday are reducing their carbon footprint significantly. Pelino said, “Especially for short trips, it would be a smart choice because you don’t necessarily need to use up the gas.” Johnson also agrees that bikes’ environmental impact is very important.

Overall, biking can be a healthy way to switch up one’s morning routine. Next time you are filling up gas or stressing about school, consider what Pelino said: “I find it really fun…If you’re not rushing, it is great way to destress.”