Panther Puff Pandemonium

Tisha Lwin, A&E Editor

On Friday, November 3, the freshmen and juniors claimed victory over the sophomores and seniors for the coveted Panther Puff title after a spontaneous dance-off tie breaker.

The sophomores and seniors took the lead at the start with the first touchdown, but by the second half the score was 14-14. Everyone agreed on a dance-off to determine the winner with Ms. Komar judging.

“It was a tough call. The seniors and sophs definitely had more crowd approval, but the juniors and freshmen had a better dance, with splits! Since it was a dance off and not a crowd-off, I had to go with the younger team,” said Komar.

Junior Carolyn Skotz is proud of her team’s superior dance moves and resulting triumph. “Panther Puff was really fun and it was super intense during the dance-off tie breaker because everyone wanted to win so bad! Everyone was dancing crazily and cheering super loud and it was a lot of fun,” said Skotz.

From the opposing team, senior Megan Milburn said, “It was so much fun playing football with my classmates… my team came prepared to win Panther Puff, and I wish we settled the tie in overtime!”

Panther Puff was started several years ago by Panther Pride officers who wanted to host a football event with competing class levels. From the start, many students were eager to participate in a hearty, fun game of flag football.

Players pull each other’s flags instead of tackling, the intention being that the game is not overly aggressive, but by the second half everyone’s competitiveness comes out, which is exciting to see.

Regardless of who wins, students show their panther pride by cheering on their fellow classmates. A performance from the dance team and delicious food from the food truck help make the event entertaining and fun.

Athletic director Stacy Mallison says, “I really enjoy the fact that other students come and watch … making it a really fun school-wide spirit event so it’s fun to have that out on our field and be a part of that.”