Player Profile: Alyssa Gonzales


Ani Sedano, A&E Editor

Senior Alyssa Gonzales is a soccer player who has played varsity all four years at Pres. She has joined The Voice to share what it’s like being team captain and some of her best moments while playing.

The Voice: How long have you been playing? How did you get started?

Alyssa Gonzales: I’ve been playing since I was 4. My mom signed me up for a rec league, like a little toddler rec league. My first team was called the ladybugs and it was a team of five little girls and my mom coached it. Then I started with rec and then when I was seven, I started playing club for sporting.

The Voice: What position do you play and what do you like best about it?

AG: I play a lot of positions but my favorite position is midfield because you’re basically the playmaker. You get to connect with the forwards, you get to connect with the defense, you get a little bit of both. I just love the feeling

The Voice: What club do you play for?

AG: I play for MVLA in Mountain View on an ECNL team.

The Voice: Do you plan on continuing your soccer career in college?

AG: I do not but I am thinking about walking on somewhere, like trying out for a team once I start school.

The Voice: What is the hardest part about balancing school and soccer? How much do you practice?

AG: Getting my homework done and going to bed at a reasonable time. I practice for two hours every day.

The Voice: Do you regularly watch soccer? Which is you favorite professional team and player?

AG: Of course, Ani. My favorite team is FC Barcelona. Player? Debatable. I really like Suarez, Namar, and Messi.

The Voice: What was it like to be the only freshman on varsity?

AG: It was actually kinda rough, because, you know, everyone was older than me, I couldn’t drive, it was hard connecting with them because they were obviously not the same age as me, but besides that it was fun.

The Voice: How do you feel Pres has been doing this season? Do you feel prepared for CCS?

AG: We’re doing pretty well. I mean, it’s not our best season but I definitely think we’re progressing and improving as the season goes on. CCS wise, we’re hopeful.

The Voice: What has been your proudest moment? What will you miss the most about playing soccer at Pres?

AG: Being a leader, being a captain for my team. I think I’ll mostly miss the people and the coaches I’ve played with over the past four years.