Player Profile: Izzy Randazzo


Ryann McManus, Sports Editor

Izzy Randazzo is a senior who plays doubles on the Varsity Tennis team here at Pres.  After playing for ten years, she shares some of her favorite moments when playing tennis and her pro tennis idol.

The Voice: How long have you been playing tennis?  Why did you start playing?

Izzy Randazzo: I’ve been playing for about ten years now.  I started playing mainly because my mom played when she was younger and she played all throughout high school. I really wanted to do something to get active and I would always watch tennis on TV and stuff like that so that’s basically why I started.

The Voice: What strategy is involved with playing doubles?

IR: Right now I’m number one in doubles.  Mainly it’s just about communicating with your partner and having good trust in your partner … that you know that they’re going to do what they need to do and that they’re going to trust you that you’re going to do what you need to do. That’s the main thing about doubles is mainly relationship and partnership and mental skills.

The Voice: How often do you practice?

IR: Well with school we practice two hours a day Monday through Friday and then during season I practice on the weekends Saturday and Sunday and then sometimes I’ll go to practice after Pres practice.

The Voice: Do you play on a club tennis team or take tennis classes outside of school? Why or why not?

IR: I play at San Jose Swim and Racquet Club and I play doubles and singles.  I just wanted to play more year-round and I wanted to meet new people from other schools and that kind of thing and it was fun to know other people that liked tennis that didn’t just go to Pres.

The Voice: Who is Pres’ biggest rival in tennis?

IR: Probably either Mitty or Sacred Heart just because they’re always really good games to watch; they’re pretty close, pretty intense.

The Voice: What is your favorite part of a tennis match?

IR: Having the gratification of winning a point.  Since there’s so many you have so many opportunities to do that and also a  really good part about tennis is that every point is a new beginning. You can start a new strategy or you can try something new every time.

The Voice: What is your favorite memory when playing tennis?

IR: My favorite memory is just probably whenever we win a match and me and my partner will have a really big celebration. Even if you just win a set or if we feel like we played really well, just having that bonding with your partner is really awesome.

The Voice: Do you play any other sports besides tennis?

IR: I used to actually play basketball at Pres but I stopped so I could get more involved in tennis, but I like to swim a lot so I do that during my off-seasons.

The Voice: Who is your favorite tennis player?  What about them do you try to emulate?

IR: So my favorite tennis player is Rafael Nadal because he never gives up from if he has a setback, even if he has a full year setback, he still tries the next year to become better and better and he has a really good attitude that I think is really hard to have in pro tennis.

The Voice: Any embarrassing moments you’d like to share?

IR: It was during an SI match and I was moving across court to get a volley and I tripped over my foot and I fell on my face in front of my doubles partner and my team.