Panther Workout for the Average Pres Girl


Alison White, Sports Editor

We all know what it’s like to be an Average Pres Girl: the overload of work, the daily mental breakdowns, the 17 extracurriculars to get to after school. It can all be a little much, making it easy to forget about our physical health. So we asked Presentation High School’s Athletic Trainer Shaun Eagen to write up a quick and easy workout for the Average Pres Girl to stay healthy and in shape.

Pre Workout: Whether you work out every day or haven’t worked out since freshman year, start with some stretching to warm yourself up. And remember, all of these exercises can be done while watching Netflix.


5 Rounds…

  • Dumbbell Overhead Press x 10
    • If you don’t own any exercise equipment, the dumbbell can always be replaced by a few of the AP textbooks you have lying around your room.
  • Air Squats x 20
    • This is the perfect exercise to work out those leg muscles and make sure they haven’t atrophied after repetitive 85 minutes of motionlessness.
  • Burpees x 15
    • Only for the experienced and mentally strong Panther.

5 Minute Rest… or 20 Minute Nap



  • Sit Ups x 8 rounds (20 seconds of work, 10 seconds of rest)
    • In case you couldn’t resist that extra pack of cookies or another loaf of Pres Bread, add on some sit ups to your Panther Workout

Post Workout: You’re done! Feel free to just lie on the ground for an hour while you recover. Just please, please remember to shower before you come to school tomorrow.