Pres Girls Gain Upper Hand on Field


High school rivalry is a tale as old as time. Every TV show and movie based on a high school has some sort of rivalry involved because it makes the story more exciting. Even though we don’t have a huge rivalry with anyone, our sports teams would agree that it has always been a dream to beat the teams from Archbishop Mitty High School.

Presentation’s sports teams are having a great year this year. Not only have we been kicking everyone else’s butts, but we have also beat our long time rivals. The students have agreed that Mitty is the team to beat, even though Mitty may not view us as their true rivals. But this year, they finally are starting to see us as a challenge.

For the first time in six years, the Pres soccer team beat Mitty. It was a big win for these girls and they could not be more excited about it. “The Mitty rivalry may seem one sided but especially this year, we pose a threat to them,” said senior Daniela Lownsberry, who is one of the varsity team captains and plays center defense. “We are strong willed and well rounded.”

Fellow team captain, Senior Emma Chivers, agreed, “With our focus and great teamwork on and off the field we were able to play as a team and beat Mitty as a team together.” The chemistry of the girls on the field is undeniable and it definitely helped in beating Mitty. For the seniors on this team it was a great way to go out.

“I was pretty hyped to say the least,” Chivers said.

The Panthers, however, have only managed to edge out the Monarchs in one sport, but our athletes have not given up hope. Mitty’s athletic department is one of their strongest aspects of their school, so it would make sense that they tend to be superior against other high schools, not just Presentation.

This may be why other schools like Presentation feel the need to beat them at their own game. “Mitty is a powerhouse in soccer,” says Senior Taylor Farley, “Every year we always want to take down the number one team!” Mitty knows that they are superior in athletics, so it makes it that much more exciting when we beat them or come close to beating them.

The other fun part of this rivalry is some students here at Pres have siblings, whether it be a brother or a sister, that attend Mitty. With a younger sister who attends Mitty, Farley says, “It of course made me want to beat Mitty even more and after winning this year it is definitely something I will hold over my sister.” As a fellow Panther with a sister who is a Monarch, I could not agree more with Farley.

On the bright side, there are plenty of other activities that Pres excels at, such as Speech and Debate, choir, and the performing arts. And if anyone is keeping tabs, we still have the national championship trophy from our dance team.

Regardless of this rivalry, the Presentation Panthers achieve many great things. Well done ladies, and congrats to all of the Presentation students for everything you are involved in. Successes like these always make it a good day to be a Panther!