Sister Sister, The Gonzalez Duo


Alexa Westlake

Natalia and Juliana are all smiles before their game against Leland High School.

Alexa Westlake, Reporter

Many soccer players would agree, some of their best memories are out on field with a ball at their feet.  But for sisters Juliana and Natalia Gonzalez,  those moments are even more special because they get to spend them with each other.

This season on varsity soccer is far from the first time they have played together. After 10 years of soccer on the same teams, their on field chemistry is undeniable. It is quite entertaining to see the way they work together, passing the ball around to get the perfect goal scoring opportunity.

If anything, the competition between sisters because of soccer has been motivational. “Being on the same team as sisters has pushed us to work harder and motivate each other on a more personal level that no one else could relate to,” said Juliana, a senior. They also said that their on-field relationship has never caused conflict or rivalry. They are on each other’s team no matter what.

Soccer has also strengthened their relationship as sisters. Juliana said that they are “teammates both on and off the field.” The sisters had nothing but kind words to say about each other. “I look up to my little sister and I know she looks up to me as well,” said Juliana.

Because Juliana is a senior and will be going off to college, the duo will be split up soon. Yet, they will always share great memories. Their personal favorite was at regionals in Idaho when Natalia gave Juliana a beautiful cross and Juliana trapped the ball and scored the winning goal,which ended with a huge hug. “Sweet moments like this I will miss so much and cherish since it’s coming to an end of playing soccer together,” said Juliana. “I know I will really miss my older sister, on and off the field” said Natalia. Thier close relationship will make leaving even more difficult.

Even though most soccer players would agree that their teammates are their sisters, the Gonzales pair literally mean it, and thanks to soccer they are closer than ever.