Kevin Saldivar: The New Assistant Athletic Director


Kate Linehan, Reporter

Most athletes probably already know Kevin Saldivar, the new assistant athletic director. But some might  have only recently met him as the guy in the yellow dress from Feast’s  “Ew” show or as one of the newest members to the Men of Pres.

Even though Saldivar has only been here for a few months, he has already shown himself as a loyal member of the Pres community through his Pres spirit and enthusiasm for our athletic program. The Voice, wanting to welcome Saldivar to the Pres community, caught up with him to learn a little bit more about him.

Is this your first time working at a high school? How do you like the all-girls atmosphere?

Yes, this is my first time working at a high school. I went to an all-boys high school [Bellarmine] and all girls is definitely different in some ways but, I can also relate to the atmosphere.

Why did you choose to work at a high school?

I feel as though I can relate to the students and I like being able to connect to a younger generation. I think it’s a good fit for me.

What made you interested in a career in athletics?

I realized the previous job I had was not as enjoyable as I thought it would so I started looking for my passion. Sports seemed to be it, so then I went back to college to get my masters.

Did you play any sports in high school? What are some of the highlights?

I played football and rugby, a few times making it to CCS finals, but nothing major. I just remember getting yelled at a lot.

What are your favorite sports to watch? What are your favorite sports to play?

My favorite sport to watch is definitely football. I enjoy playing all of them, especially beach volleyball and soccer.

Do you have any hobbies?

I enjoy doing anything as long I am active. Oh, I also talk a lot, if that’s considered a hobby.

What are you most excited for in regards to athletics?

I’m excited for all of the seasons because they are all great and it is fun to watch all the different teams whether it be freshman, junior varsity, or varsity. I am also looking forward to seeing the freshmen athletes progress all the way to seniors.