Player Profile: Maddie Guidoux

Player Profile: Maddie Guidoux

Lorena Ukanwa, Reporter

With the start of the winter season, soccer and basketball are in full swing at Presentation. The Voice caught up with Senior, Maddie Guidoux, who has been on the varsity basketball team since her freshman year. Not only can she be seen dribbling on the court, but she keeps up with her ASB obligations that she has held since the start of her junior year.


The Voice: When did you start playing basketball?

Maddie Guidoux: I started playing basketball when I was four years old with YMCA.


The Voice: What impacted your decision to become more serious about the sport?

MG: Well, in eighth grade I was choosing between soccer and basketball. My sister was really into soccer. I was too, but I think I just enjoyed playing basketball a lot more than soccer.


The Voice: Do you have a favorite basketball player? If so, why?

MG: I actually don’t have a favorite basketball player. I don’t even watch basketball! My coach would be so upset if he read this. But, I will occasionally watch a college basketball game here and there, like the Stanford versus Uconn game.


The Voice: What position do you play and why did you choose this position?

MG: I play shooting guard. I didn’t really choose that position, my coach just sort of put me there. When I first started playing basketball, I always played post, which is basically a forward. But my coach wanted me to have more of a leadership position on the court and work on my ball handling so I was moved to shooting guard.


The Voice: What is the thing you love most about playing basketball?

MG: I love playing with my teammates. I love being around them and I think we play really well together because we’re always having such a fun time. Playing basketball is also a great way to get away from school and everything else happening in my life.


The Voice: What is your favorite memory or moment that you’ve had while being on the Pres basketball team?

MG: Beating Mitty! Especially when I tipped the ball out of the hands of one of their best players and it went into her own basket.


The Voice: Do you have any goals that you wish to accomplish this basketball season?

MG: I think my main goal is that I want to have an overall positive experience because it is my last year playing on the Pres basketball team. I don’t necessarily care how far we get as long as we are having fun. I also want to work on our team bonding. We have a couple of away games where we spend the night in hotels, so those will be a great opportunity to work on team chemistry. I also want to leave a good mark on the program, especially for the freshmen. And of course, I want to beat Mitty again.


The Voice: Do you have any rituals that you do before each game?

MG: I always eat cold pasta with cut up tomatoes. And I won’t share it with anyone; it’s only for me. Naturally I am a healthy eater so I try to moderate what my teammates eat and make sure they have good eating habits too.


The Voice: How would you describe your feelings and emotions when you are playing at the top of your game?

MG: When I am playing at the top of my game, I feel really competitive…and really happy.


The Voice: Is it challenging to juggle basketball practices, schoolwork, and ASB obligations? How do you make it work?

MG: I have always been busy since freshman year, so I’ve always been able to get it down to a system where I do my schoolwork, go to practice, and designate time in between for ASB. I’ve done it for so long for the past four years and it just works because everything has its place and all I have to do is follow the routine. Also, being organized and having good time management skills helps alot too.


The Voice: When you find yourself in a slump or performing poorly, what do you do to get yourself back on your A-game?

MG: I talk to my teammates. They always have the best advice and the best words of encouragement because they’ve gone through the same things as I have or struggled at one point in the season. Besides talking to my teammates, just taking the time to think and reflect on my performance helps a lot too. After all, it’s just a game and, to me, basketball is all about having fun. If I’m having fun, I’m going to enjoy it whether we win or lose.


The Voice: How has basketball changed your life?

MG: Basketball has changed my life because it has brought a whole new level to my leadership skills. I get the chance to lead my teammates by making sure they’re always on time for the games, have all their uniforms ready, making sure they know all of the plays, and that they’re having fun in the game too. It’s hard to explain, but basketball has really enhanced my leadership and helped me be more punctual. Basketball has also given me something to care about. I think that having a passion for something really adds to your life.