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February Game of the Month: Varsity Basketball vs. Mitty

Nicole Cuenca

Natalie Audelo

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The rivalry between Presentation and Mitty is legendary, especially on the basketball court. On Jan. 13 this rivalry was played out in a basketball game that ended in the score Panthers 47, Monarchs 81. Opening the game with a solid starting lineup, the Panthers upheld a four-point lead against the powerhouse Monarchs following a three-point shot by junior Chelsea Punian in the last three seconds of the first quarter. This left the score Panthers 16, Monarchs 12.
Both teams played with a tight defense, asserting themselves on the court in an aggressive manner. At first the Monarchs struggled to make their bank shots and lay ups. However, they began to sink their shots both inside and outside of the key. The Panthers checked such advances with adept dribbling skills and passing. Despite such efforts, the Panthers lost their lead to the Monarchs with a score of Panthers 24, Monarchs 28 in the first half.
The second half aroused a challenge as the Monarchs scored a series of baskets, fast breaks, outside shots, and three pointers. The Monarchs stepped onto the court with a dangerous, penetrating offense which proved difficult to match. Chelsea Punian, the Panther’s leading scorer, scored a total of 22 points followed by sophomore Kayla Bose with eight points and senior Savannah Morgan with seven. Even these numbers could not match those of the Monarchs.
Off the court, the team was at a loss as junior Nici Gilday was out with a severely sprained ankle. Gilday said, “We need to play consistently during each game. We need to be aggressive. Hopefully we’ll make it to CCS and win.”

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February Game of the Month: Varsity Basketball vs. Mitty