Feminism at Its Finest: Peeing Standing Up

Briana Gallo, Reporter

Admit it, you have always wanted to pee standing up. Why should only males be blessed with the ability to urinate anywhere, anytime, without having to sit or squat?

Well, envy no more: GoGirl is here to save the day. In 2013, FemMed, Inc. released its female urination device that “allows women the convenience of standing to urinate. It’s clean, portable, discreet and reusable.”

Being the strong feminists we are, The Voice knew this was a product we needed to get our hands on.

Available in pink, lavender and camo and sold for only $10 online, GoGirl is appealing in an accessible and feminist way.  

Upon first impressions of receiving GoGirl, I was immediately amazed by how small the packaging was. Somehow FemMed managed to shove the hand-sized silicone device, a tissue and storage bag into a minuscule plastic cylinder.

Next came the daunting task of taking this baby for a spin. With the loving moral support of Features Editor and fellow junior Madie Fujimoto, I tested GoGirl out in a Pres bathroom. Luckily, we only received a few questions from some confused, but impressed and intrigued students (and one teacher).

Ultimately, it was an experience. Never before would I have expected to be so amazed by projectile urine leaving my body. This is what power feels like. I could practically feel the glass ceiling shattering above me.

GoGirl warns users on its packaging to “practice at home to make sure you have a good seal.” A Pres bathroom isn’t necessarily home, but I figured if I’m writing to you all about my urination, then this is about as close to home as it can get.

Luckily I did not have any messy issues with seal, however while cleaning it I did see the possibility of how it could overflow. If one were to pee too rapidly, it could potentially fill up and spill over, similarly to if one pours something through a funnel too fast.

Cleaning wise, FemMed recommends putting it in the plastic bag and then washing it with soap and water later, which was not too cumbersome. At this point I had already relinquished all of my dignity, but I couldn’t help but think about the stares one would get if they were to wash their GoGirl in a public restroom.

FemMed markets their product to be utilized for camping, boating, travel, festivals and sports which seems relatively realistic, however I find the idea of a strong independent woman peeing off the side of a boat very amusing.

Overall, despite it being a pleasant and mildly entertaining experience, I cannot see myself using GoGirl again on a regular basis. It might be useful during a camping trip or to avoid squatting over a nasty porta potty, but having to carry it around and clean it regularly would be a bit unwieldy for everyday use.

Although it is not something I would use frequently, I thoroughly enjoyed taking a “stand” for feminism one trip to the restroom at a time.