Love Isn’t Real

Briana Gallo, Reporter

Valentine’s Day is coming up and single or not, we all expect to be bombarded by hearts and chocolates in every store we walk into. Big corporations have taken an innocent holiday celebrating the feast of St. Valentine and commercialized it, warping  the whole meaning of love.  

I may or may not be heartbroken right now, but I can still confidently say that love portrayed by the media around Valentine’s Day is not real. Just because you don’t receive flowers and candy does not mean you aren’t loved.

Our economy feeds on our insecurities and makes single people or those who cannot afford such “luxuries” feel inferior to those who do happen to receive gifts. In reality, these presents are not true gifts of love, but just a tradition of our culture that traps the soul.

So as Valentine’s Day creeps closer and closer, I encourage you all to remember those in your life that you can always count on: your friends, chicas, homies, and pals. Whether you have a bae or nah, celebrate Galentine’s Day this year and show your friends how much you love them with these ideas to get you through the day.

  1. Go get some ashes: Yep, Valentine’s Day falls on Ash Wednesday this year. What’s better than strengthening your relationship with your friends and your faith at the same time? Answer: Nothing.
  2. Photoshoot: If you are sick of seeing cute couples post pictures on Instagram, take your own pictures with your friends! Drive out to somewhere scenic and have a shameless photoshoot. You’ll be making those couples jealous for sure.
  3. Grocery shopping: You and your friends are probably hungry (as per usual), so head to the nearest grocery store. Pick up some of your favorite snacks and eat your feelings together. Nothing shows true love more than shoveling food into your faces in a judgment-free zone
  4. Cook dinner together: If you really want to go all out but are concerned about time because Valentine’s Day is on a weekday, get some friends together and cook a nice family meal together. Bonus points if you don’t burn down the kitchen.
  5. Movie marathon: Does watching a movie all by yourself ever remind you that you will be alone forever and never find love? Don’t worry–that’s why you have friends. Gather your gal pals for a movie night with cozy blankets and snacks. Need some movie ideas? We got you covered. See Isabella Granqvist’s article  for some inspiration.