Canvas Quizzes: Saving Trees


Kellyn Wilde, Reporter

We all dread quizzes: handwritten or online. Obviously, there is no way to get rid of quizzes altogether, because then we would never have a way to assess ourselves. But there may be a way to lessen that stress you feel before every 50 point ‘quiz’.

If teachers consistently give small assessments on the Canvas app, students will have the opportunity to take quizzes that have little impact on their grades while they effectively learn new concepts.

Canvas quizzes give immediate feedback, meaning the stress of waiting for grades is eliminated. There is also an option for teachers to write explanations about why certain answers are right and wrong.

Usually, once we get our handwritten quizzes back, we look at our scores and put them away, never to be looked at again. If you are paying attention to what you got wrong and why on Canvas quizzes, you will hopefully get the correct answer and the points on the test, which is what really matters.

Although there is the concern of not getting to go back to change your answers once you submit them, you really should not need to. When you skip a question on a test, you will eventually go back to it. When this happens, you will go through the same thinking process no matter what time you do the problem. Before submitting each question, you can quickly check the problem, so it will be like you are reviewing your quiz before turning it in.

Not only does it help students to assess their skills, it also gives teachers a fast way to see the root of the problem. Teachers can immediately tell which questions students are struggling with, helping them to decide which topics they need to clarify.

Another feature of Canvas quizzes is time limits. This may seem like a stressful idea, but time limits help us pace ourselves so that we are prepared for the actual test. Plus, if a student needs more time on a question, if is very easy for a teacher to go into the app and add some more time.

And don’t forget, using Canvas will save a lot of trees!

As long as teachers utilize all of the Canvas quiz features and the quizzes themselves do not count for a large percent of our grade, then we have nothing to stress about. We learn through our mistakes, and we should accept that sometimes we need to make them if we want to improve. Canvas quizzes will simulate real tests and help us learn our weaknesses and strengths, ultimately leaving us better off in the end.