Apple Classroom: Efficient, Not Intrusive


Kellyn Wilde, Reporter

Apple Classroom has been around for less than a month and it has already gained a reputation of being that creepy app that teachers can use to watch your every move.

First off, let me reassure you that teachers would much rather spend their precious time correcting papers than staring at your iPad screen through their iPad screen. Yes, teachers can see what applications we are on. But there is no way that they could possibly snoop around and find what else is on our iPads.

Apple Classroom is mainly used to quickly and efficiently allow teachers to make sure everyone is on task. If a teacher is giving a lecture and wants his or her students to be following along, he or she can program everyone’s screen to the same application. This way, students don’t have to go through the trouble of opening and importing papers.

“You can easily focus everyone into the one main point you’re trying to make. By no means is it about control,” Director of Educational Technology and Support Services, Steve Johnston, said.

Teachers are not looking to hand us detentions for texting in class. If they do happen to see you on an app, they will not call you out for it in the middle of class. They will simply change the app and lock you in it for the duration of the period. As soon as you leave the classroom, you will not be in the vicinity where Apple Classroom can be used on you anymore, and you can go back to your texting.

We are very fortunate as students to even have school iPads in the first place. As much as we don’t want to hear it, the purpose of the school issuing us these iPads was not so we would have another source to get our social media from. After all, we do sign a technology agreement at the beginning each school year agreeing to not use the iPads for non-academic purposes during the school-day.

The school is incredibly lenient when it comes to letting us use our iPads for social media outside of school. It is only fair that we return the favor by using our iPads appropriately during class. I mean, God forbid we use our school iPads for school work during school hours, right?

If I am being completely honest, I am getting pretty tired of explaining the lesson to people that weren’t listening in class because they were on Snapchat. Good! We should make this a pull quote

Apple Classroom is helping us get the most out of our school experience that we possibly can. We come to school to learn, and the only effective way that we can do this is by giving our full and undivided attention to our teachers for a few hours.

Aside from being beneficial to our learning experience as students, Apple Classroom ensures that teachers get the respect they deserve.
Teachers take the time out of their day to make lesson plans, so we should take the time out of ours to focus for a few hours. Apple Classroom should not be the reason that we do this, but sometimes we need a little push to refocus ourselves.

Don’t believe everything you hear. There are many rumors going around about the new application being an intrusion on students’ privacy and that ‘big brother is watching,’ but that is not the case. Apple classroom is designed to make sure everyone’s rights are protected. All Apple Classroom really does is help us to get the most out of our education.