Ready for Hillary


Everyone our age loves Bernie Sanders, the outspoken Democratic socialist who’s promising free college tuition for all. But we go to an all-girls school and are totally on board with strong women, so why are we all about Bernie and not Hillary Clinton?

Here’s the truth: Hillary is being dumped on by everyone simply because she’s a woman. Her amazing accomplishments as both Secretary of State and Senator of New York are being glossed over because of her gender. This is a real-life case of good, old-fashioned sexism. In reality, even if we give credence to all the bad press she’s receiving, she’s better  than any of the other candidates.

First, Clinton provides for us an opportunity to make women in leadership roles normal instead of revolutionary. The US is currently ranked alarmingly low in female representation: 95th in the world.

As Americans, we tend to portray ourselves as the most civil and just country on the entire planet and an amazing role model, when in reality we are perpetuating sexism and the gender gap. We go into other countries and say, “End female genital mutilation!” and “No more child brides!” yet we are afraid to put a woman in a position of power. We need a female president, not another old, rich, white guy to lead us.

But nobody’s asking for Clinton’s vote just because she’s a female. Hillary and Bernie have differences in policy choices but are going after the same general goals. Hillary will be more successful because she will better use her executive power. Hillary has experience! She has served as both a Senator and as Secretary of State, which means she will be well equipped to dealing with domestic and foreign policy issues and the military. She knows how to negotiate, craft successful policy, and most importantly, cooperate with the Republican party. On the other hand, Sanders has only ever gotten any of his bills passed when he worked with Clinton. On his own, he has a terrible track record of getting things done.

Sanders’ policies are simply too revolutionary and unrealistic: He says he wants to “end institutional racism” (LOL, okay sure, Bernie) but he has literally zero plan for doing this, and no Democrat will really have any legislative power until around 2020 (if we’re lucky), as the Republicans currently hold the majority in Congress. Bernie’s socialist mindset will make it even harder for him, and he won’t be able to fund any of his policies.

Although Clinton gets all this bad publicity for being flip-floppy, we need to recognize that people’s views can change, and there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s better to have such a powerful woman on the side of racial and gender issues than ostracize someone who could really help the cause. Hillary has proven time and time again that her views are evolving to become more inclusive and progressive, indicating she regards the needs of the marginalized over her own ego, unlike Bernie.

Additionally, regarding the big email scandal, she actually wasn’t breaking any laws, and she most certainly was not the only one involved. Obviously other people in government positions knew about her using a private email for official correspondence (maybe even Bernie ???), yet nobody really cared until they realized that she was a real threat — a female (*gasp*) might become President.

Even Bernie Sanders is over the emails, which he loudly declared in the October Democratic debate: “The American people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn emails! … Enough of the emails — let’s talk about the real issues facing America!”

On that note, Hillary has well-established positions on issues ranging from healthcare to tax policy. She has both domestic and international experience. So let’s stop cherry-picking what we consider to be her “sordid, establishment” past. Yes, she earned some money for delivering a couple of speeches to Goldman Sachs. But did anyone bat an eyelash when Reagan was paid $2 million dollars for two 20-minute speeches to a manufacturing company in Japan? No.

If you care about any of the issues that both Sanders and Clinton do, you should be voting for Hillary. Bernie’s views on most social, economic, and foreign policy issues are not what I am concerned about. In the end, it all comes down to electability, and if we’re really honest, Hillary is too far ahead to lose the primaries, and polls show she’s ahead of Bernie in every state with an ounce of a chance of changing that.

Even Bernie himself says that Hillary is a better choice than any of the Republican candidates. We have to stop demonizing her and instead take a look at the bigger picture — a vote for Sanders is a vote for the Republican nominee, and the options there are looking pretty repulsive to me.

The bottom line is that angry rhetoric about how our country is going to hell will not solve our problems, but a strong female with successful policy-making experience may.