Chocolate Around the World

Chocolate Around the World

Madeline Whitney, A&E Editor

Platter’s Chocolates

  • Small chocolate factory founded in North Tonawanda, NY known for their orange chocolate
  • Available online at
  • “Gotta Love Buffalo” Flats ($9.50 for 12 oz.)
    • “Delicious bite-size chocolate Buffalos in our new packaging to show your hometown pride”
    • Available in dark, milk, or orange chocolate
  • First of all these tiny pieces of chocolate are adorable, mini buffalo for Buffalo, New York. I mean come on does it get any better than that? However, even though these chocolates may seem more novelty, they deliver an unexpectedly delicious bite of chocolate. It’s orange flavored but it’s not fake medicine orange, and it doesn’t sacrifice the pureness of its chocolate identity to reach for an overwhelming orange. It is simply what it says it is, orange chocolate, and you should all do yourselves a favor and try it.


Green & Black’s

  • Founded in London and has production sites across Europe in places like Poland and Italy
  • Maya Gold Dark Chocolate Bar ($5.00 for 3.5 oz.)
  • Available in powell’s and zanotto’s
    • “Dark 60% chocolate with a hint of orange flavor, subtle flavors of cinnamon & nutmeg, and a touch of vanilla”
    • Recipient of the UK’s first ever Fairtrade certification
  • As you let a piece sit on your tongue it has a similar flavor profile to an orange herbal tea, like Bigelow’s Orange & Spice, combined with the rich velvetiness of the dark chocolate. A wave of stress relief washes over you as you get the combined benefits of a cup of hot tea and the little indulgence of that square of chocolate. It’s chocolate that makes you feel fancy, and at five dollars a bar, it is truly a chocolatey bang for its buck.


Mariette Chocolates

  • Located in the center of downtown Willow Glen
  • Espresso Truffle ($2.25)
    • “custom, hand-crafted Premium Mariette Truffles”
    • Available in 55 unique flavors including classics like raspberry all the way to more unusual ones like jalapeno and bacon
  • The hard chocolate exterior melts away into your mouth as it combines with the creamy espresso flavored caramel interior that is speckled with espresso beans to provide a much appreciated crunch. For a chocolate based truffle, I went in expecting a rich espresso chocolate interior, but the oozy caramel was a very welcome surprise. The fact that this chocolate is made right here in Willow Glen only adds pride to the immense wave of happiness that washes over you as you savor it, making you want to take another trip downtown right away.