Love Who You Are


Lakshmi Ramesh , Staff Reporter

Beauty is both a literal(external) and abstract(internal) conceptualization that varies from one person’s lens of the world to another’s. However, as teenagers of this generation, most of us tend to focus on others’ beauty and tend to allow their perspective to govern the way we view ourselves, as a result contributing to our insecurities.

Due to this self-doubt, many are never happy with themselves and are constantly comparing themselves to others. So, it is important to recognize the various beauty philosophies at Pres, and that we are not all held to the same standards and to rejoice in  that.

Courtesy of Gabriela Nguygen

Senior Gabriela Nguyen believes that, “Beauty is being who you are to the fullest extent.” She not only acknowledges that beauty is irrelevant if not for a good character, and also that inner beauty is always constant, while outer beauty is wavering.

Both her role model and her beauty icon, Nguyen’s mother really had an impact on the way she views beauty. “Through her actions and confidence she has given me my definition of beauty.” says Nguyen.

Courtesy of Tanya Beri

Sophomore Tanya Beri elaborates upon this concept saying that beauty is omniscient throughout a person’s actions and personality, “It holds more meaning and tells you more about someone than their external appearances do”.  

Courtesy of Clarissa Garcia

Another senior, Clarissa Garcia mentions that, “Someone who shows confidence in their own skin is a reflection of true beauty.” American actress and singer, Zendaya, is Garcia’s beauty icon, who she seeks inspiration from. Due to her humility and kind nature, Zendaya brings light into every room that she is in, and boosts girls’ confidence in themselves. Garcia advises  new panthers to not criticize themselves, “…never compare yourself to anyone else and just work on yourself and being the best version of you”.

Junior Cynthia Diaz, describes her definition of beauty as, “when someone embraces and loves themselves”. She emphasizes that despite what outer beauty may offer to the eyes, inner character should be valued more. Diaz recognizes that in her own life, she places more value in “the click” between personalities rather than appearance.

Her beauty icon, actress Katherine Hepburn, inspired Diaz to care less about what others think and to embrace her natural self. While Diaz does try to achieve this mentality, she admits to being subjected to the limitations of society, “I think being a teenager in this day and age with social media makes it hard for the opinions of others to not influence the way I enhance my own beauty. Occasionally I give in to the opinions of others, but I am working on it!”

Freshman Leah Injaty describes her definition of beauty as “a measure of strength, hard work, and kindness a person has.” Coming from a standpoint that a person’s character makes the internal beauty shine from inside, Injaty says that we don’t live in an utopia where everyone can be the same, and reach up to the same standards.

Courtesy of Leah Injaty

Rather she believes that the uniqueness of each person’s actions attributes to their individual beauty. One who inspires Injaty through her Girl Love campaign, is Youtuber iiSuperwomanii. Injaty says, “She never let her heritage or skin color get in the way of accomplishing her goals…she shows that everyone is beautiful in their own way.”

All these different definitions are what make up our Pres community.
As empowered women of Pres, we should respect each other’s perspectives on beauty and not set those who don’t agree with us apart. We each view beauty differently and that’s alright. Afterall, our individuality is our greatest attribute.