Pet Pandemonium: The Worst Things Pres Pets Have Done


Arathi Ranga’s dog, Alaska

Madie Fujimoto, Features Editor

“Well… [my cat Jake] punched my very small dog. My cat weighs about 20 pounds and my dog is 8. You can see how this would be quite the sight to see.” -Kiana Nino ’21

“I went to get my backpack from the kitchen and left my Chipotle burrito on a tall table. I come back to my room and see my dog on the table eating my burrito. Cotton is 5lbs and a solid 8 inches tall.” -Anya Kasturi ’20

“One time, I took [my dog] to Vasona Park in Los Gatos to run around for a bit. I threw her ball and it rolled down a hill and into the lake. She hates swimming, so I thought she would stop at the edge of the water, but she thought that some of the weeds that were growing out of the water was the ground. She jumped on the weeds, that she thought was solid ground, and fell straight down into the water. I laughed so hard…She’s an awful swimmer. It took her a while to get out of the water… she had literally no idea what to do. Once she got to shallow water, she just stood on her hind legs in the water. I had to step in the water to pull her out.” -Gianna Mendoza ’20

“I was watching a Harry Potter movie with my little sister and Dash was sitting next to us on the floor. Suddenly he started growling and barking like crazy and me and my sister had no idea what was going on, so we just tried to calm him down and he eventually stopped. Later he started growling and barking again, and we eventually came to a realization. Every time Dumbledore was on the screen, Dash would go crazy! He can’t stand Dumbledore and goes berserk!” -Vanessa Carlson ’19

“When [Bella, Golden Retriever] was little she HATED other dogs… So to try to socialize her we would take her to dog parks but when we would get there she would run, jump on top of a table and just lay there while everyone there laughed at her. After her 4th time doing this we gave up on dog parks.” -Sophia Lopez ’18

“One time, in the same day, [Maggie, Yellow Lab] knocked two teeth out. She loves chasing the ball so much, and so she chased it into a fence and into a tree. About a year later, she also ran into another wall and knocked another tooth. Also, one time the ball got accidentally thrown into a huge cactus and she jumped right into it. She had cactus needles stuck in her for too months.” -Lindsey Rose ’20

“Lucy [Lab] likes to sleep like a human. When I’m not home, she’ll jump up on my bed, kick back my sheets, cover herself back up, and lay her head on my pillow and try to sleep like I do.” -Natalie Maasberg ’19

“When Bella was a puppy and we had to leave her in the house when we went to school, she ate and head butted her way through our laundry room’s door. When we came home, there was a whole big enough for her to fit through and a King sized Hershey bar wrapper on the ground. We took her to the vet just in case and she was fine. The vet called her our very own “garbage disposal” because he was surprised that she wasn’t sick after it.” -Madison DeMotta ’21

“When I was a freshman, my dog peed on my math homework. I had to show Ms. Naik my picture of my homework on the ground covered in pee with my equations.” -Diana Tran ’19

“Once my dad took my dog for a walk and he came back and was acting really weird. He couldn’t stand up and his eyes were really dialated so we took him to vet. The vet took his urine to do a drug test and she came back and said they found THC in his urine and that he probably ate something during his walk and was now experiencing a “high” state. My dog was really enjoying himself for the rest of day.” -Arathi Ranga ’19 (Picture Above!)

“This has happened twice in the span of one month, I was walking [my dog] off leash by a river. He was running around, playing in the water, generally just having a good time when he started sniffing something on the bank. I went over to look at what he was checking out and it was a whole dead mouse I guess washed up. I think he thought I was coming to take his find away from him so he really quickly ATE IT. He didn’t even chew it, just swallowed it whole. The most jarring part is that he has the things tail hanging out his mouth for a good few seconds after. The second time it was an alive vole (he chewed that time). Don’t kiss your dogs, ya’ll.” -Izzy Handkammer ’20