Dancing at Deewane: Jazba Hits All the Right Moves

Heather Jacobson , Reporter

The Presentation Jazba team hosted their annual Deewane show Saturday, Feb. 3. This show immersed its audience into a colorful, cultural experience including wonderful dancing, glittering costumes and delicious food.

Deewanne had previously been hosted at other venues in the area such as the Indian Community Center, so this was the first year for the dances to be done in Presentation’s very own Valenzuela Theater. Thirteen different teams attended the event from various schools including Mitty, Homestead, Monta Vista, Piedmont Hills, Kennedy, Foothill and Washington.

The different performances were incredible to watch. They took traditional Bollywood dance and infused it with contemporary styles. One moment the dancers would be on the stage dancing and the next someone would leap over another and land with a whip. In particular, the Presentation team’s dance was mainly choreographed by students. Their efforts created a spectacular performance that was intricate and original.

The crowd roared with applause as they recognized the senior members from the schools. Presentation seniors include Sarayu Rao, Prarthana Bhattacharya, Shruti Pai, Siri Yendluri and Alice Matthew..

Proceeds from the show go to support Mission Drive and Maitri Charity Foundation every year. They raise hundreds of dollars to benefit the sisters of Presentation and victims of domestic violence through the shows they produced.

Deewane is an exceptional show and exhibits the talent of the members. Be sure not to miss next year’s performance and admire the dynamic dances and immerse yourself in a new cultural experience.