Pres Plague


Ladies, it’s that time of year again, the season of the dreaded Pres plague. No, I’m not talking about some high school version of Moses and the ten plagues. I’m talking about the plague of sickness that spreads throughout the Pres campus at the start of every October.

From pneumonia and mono to your regular old cold and flu, you can expect to be susceptible to multiple germs this time of year. So it’s time to take those extra precautions so that you don’t end up sick in bed and fall behind on all those projects, tests, and especially that lovely CRP.

And speaking of being in bed, remember if you do end up infected with any type of Pres plague to be mindful of your fellow classmates and stay home. Ms. Furtado, our lovely Attendance Secretary and Registrar says, “For the good of your fellow classmates, teachers and especially me–please stay home when you are sick! That is the only way you will get better and not get others sick.”

Teachers understand that getting sick is a part of life and as long as you communicate with them, life should be good.

Although there is no guarantee that you will avoid this plague and remain healthy as ever, here are some simple day to day safety measures that could lessen your chances of infection drastically:


  1. Wash your hands regularly, or use the antibacterial dispensers in all the classrooms (but try to use your elbow to push the button–you’re less likely to pick up someone else’s hand-delivered bacteria on your little-used elbow).
  2. Make sure you’re getting a lot of Vitamin C and good nutritional food. That means eat a vegetable every now and then. Fries and cookies don’t count.
  3. Don’t share drinks or food with your friends. It’s a great way to get mono.  
  4. Drink a lot of fluids from your OWN bottle or container.
  5. Get sleep. Although that’s almost an impossible feat here at Pres, do keep in mind that extra sleep will help a great deal.
  6. Exercise! Daily movement will keep your body healthy which means an equally healthy and happy immune system.
  7. Reduce stress. Again, tough to do at Pres, but stress and anxiety will run you down faster than you can say “panic attack” and make you much more susceptive to getting the flu or a cold. Ten minutes of meditation a day might be your savior.

Getting sick isn’t the end of the world, and Furtado reminds us, “If you’re sick, to get better quick, be a cool chick and stay home. Oh, and don’t forget your absent note.”