Chair Etiquette in the New Building

Lauren Thomason, Reporter

The chairs in the new building may seem like all fun and games, but with new chairs come new responsibilities. In order to outline these guidelines for her students English teacher Andrea Cartwright made a PowerPoint presentation on proper “Chair Etiquette.” Adding to Cartwright’s idea, here are some guidelines for how to use these new chairs appropriately.

While it may be tempting to lean back and relax in the new comfy chairs, remember this is still class, you should be upright and attentive (despite the tiredness that comes along with being a Pres student).

Chair racing
We get that these desks have rollers (sweeeet), but let’s leave the racing to the Nascar professionals. 🙁

bumper chairs
Crash! Boom! Wham! Bumper cars at the nearest carnival sound like a blast, but our new desks were not meant to practice your skills.

Although we love the new spinning feature of our desks, keep in mind that despite your aspirations, you are not a judge on The Voice just yet.

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! These new classroom additions come with a built in cupholder! Please use it to your advantage and always remember kids, don’t drink and drive.