Pres Senior Gets Published

The Voice sat down with Senior Eesha Patel to talk about her new children’s book The Adventures in Vegetable Village.

The Voice: What motivated you to write this story?
Eesha: I always like children’s books. My favorite was The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein. I wasn’t really planning on doing it, like I didn’t wake up one morning saying “Okay, let’s write a book today.” It was actually my project for [my religion class Into] Narnia, and we had to write a children’s story about one of the themes we discussed, and I wrote it and showed my neighbor. And then my neighbor found a publisher for me, and we sent it to the publisher.

V: How does it feel to know that your work is going to be in people’s homes and read to young children
E: It is so cool. It didn’t really hit me until recently because I have been doing this for a year. It started during junior year and we never really had the hard copy until a couple months ago, so it never really hit me that people are actually going to be reading this. And it feels super cool to know that that is my work on your kitchen table.

V: What was the actual project that you originally wrote this for?
E: We had to write a either a children’s story or a regular short story about one of the themes we discussed. So it was like temptation, greed, and other themes, so I picked temptations. And i just wrote the children’s story and then I drew the illustrations for it, and I turned it in as the assignment. Then I went to my neighbor’s house because we had a dinner set up, and she has a couple grandkids, so she wanted to read it to them, and then that is how it all got started.

V: What was the publishing process like?
E: Initially, I first sent a manuscript and it was just my Notability file, like my handwriting and the sketch of the pictures. Then my publisher made it into a font, like she didn’t use my handwriting. She actually typed it all out, so it was just the writing, so we fixed all the grammatical errors. Then for the pictures, they put mine through software, so they are still my drawings, but Notability doesn’t match with their software to print it so they had to do it differently. So then we fixed the pictures, and I didn’t get to see the words and the pictures together, so I saw them separately first. And then a lot of time went by because it took a lot of time to make the pictures. Over the summer is when we picked the font for the cover page and for the pictures. We also worked on the author bio and summary while we were doing the whole process. Now they have printed the book, and I am just trying to sell it.

V: Was it an enjoyable experience?
E: Definitely. I mean I never thought I would do this because I am more of a math and science person, because I hate English, until I started this, and I was like “Whoa, this is actually really fun.” It really opened my eyes to a different type of world.

V: Could you see yourself wanting to do it again in the future? Maybe make a career out of writing?
E: Yeah, I could definitely see this as a series. I would really like to see that go on.

V: Where can you buy the book?
E: We are selling them at Hicklebee’s, the children’s bookstore in downtown Willow Glen. As of now there are only a few books there, and after a couple month is when we order it again. It is also on Amazon and through my publisher, Tate Publishing, so those are the three main places we are selling them right now. We also had a book fair a couple weeks ago on February 9, so I do some of those too.