Netflix Psychoanalysis: Ms. Cardenas, Spy?


You probably know her from her cat-related humor, corny APUSH jokes, and Taylor Swift memes. On the outside, social studies and English teacher Emily Cardenas is a cat loving FRQ master, but on the inside, she’s a British spy working for her Majesty in England.

Although she doesn’t have an actual Netflix account, a true atrocity in current times, her desire to drive a fast car, wears cool clothes, and use gadgets to fight evil still holds. Of course, all of this is inspired from her current TV find, MI5, originally known as Spooks in the United Kingdom.

Cardenas is actually a huge crime buff. MI5 is the last in a long line of crime shows she’s watched, including 24, Person of Interest, and Blacklist.

MI5 is about a group of agents based at the service’s Thames House headquarters. Maybe you could say that she’s got an eye for crime and a desire to bring justice to the world. Or perhaps, she just wants to participate in a car race with attractive men with British accents.

Rolling with the crime dramas, she just started watching a particularly interesting show called Criminal Minds. It’s based on a fictional unit in the FBI called the BAU (the Behavior Analysis Unit), which travels across the United States using psychology and the behavior of serial killers to track them down before they can wreak more havoc. Is it possible that Cardenas has acquired a taste for the criminally insane? Or is she the Reid of her family–the adorably goofy genius helping the BAU track down serial killers using his vast knowledge in the HISTORY (get it?) of serial killers? That role would be right up her alley.

The Mentalist is the next in her list of fascinating cop shows. It’s a  show about a “psychic” named Patrick Jane who actually just has a highly developed ability to read body language. Is Cardenas using The Mentalist to learn how to read people’s minds? If she starts completing your sentences, you know where to look.

But don’t think that just because she loves her cop shows, she doesn’t enjoy the occasional period shows. Cardenas enjoys one of everyone’s favorites, the gift that is Downton Abbey. Her love for the English scene comes into play again with the captivating show about the scandals of the wealthy in Great Britain. Perhaps Cardenas’ true dream in life is to be a wealthy aristocrat set in the post-Edwardian era of the Yorkshire country estate. After her life at Pres, you will find her sipping her afternoon tea in her mansion.

As always, Netflix psychoanalysis provides the most accurate look into the minds of our beloved teachers. Stay tuned for next month, when we analyze…well, you’ll just have to tune in to find out.