Lily Chuck: Two Capstones, One High School


Samantha Yang, Reporter

From being a Homeroom Rep to serving on ASB, Pres girls have a multitude of leadership opportunities. Pres gives its students the opportunity to delve deeper into what they love and enjoy through letting them be a leader in what they are passionate about.

A special accomplishment called the Capstone Project offered through the Leadership Academy recognizes the leadership potential of students who have left an impact on their community. Finishing a Capstone Project bestows Gold Member status on Leadership Academy members.

Lily Chuck, a senior, recently completed not just one, but two Capstone projects. Her first project was to coordinate the Father Daughter Dance during her junior year. Her second project was to write the scripts for the Spring Leadership Conference in March.

The projects can have profound effects on the community. “The Father Daughter Dance has always been one of my favorite traditions, so I’m hoping that it benefited the community to kind of give the students something to look forward to with their dad and a nice memory to have,” Chuck said.

The planning for the Father Daughter Dance started in October and a committee formed to market and organize the event. The theme for this dance was New York City, so there were features such as Broadway themed cupcakes and a pie eating contest. In terms of marketing, videos, social media and bulletin notifications were made to help spread the word.

Capstone projects help students take their leadership skills to the next level. “My biggest takeaway from the Father Daughter Dance was learning how to plan an event, and that was hugely beneficial on ASB. A lot of the foresight that you need on ASB came from my experience with the Father Daughter Dance, so that was really helpful,” said Chuck.

The Spring Leadership Conference was on Mar. 12, and the theme was “To Leadership and Beyond.” This event was for students who were looking to take a leadership position at Pres or currently hold one.

The Conference consisted of three workshops after school that taught students about leadership. Chuck wrote scripts for the workshops, which were about social media usage, perseverance and diversity.

“With Spring Leadership Conference . . . I learned how impressive and dedicated the student leadership is on campus. It was so refreshing to see everyone get as excited about the topics as I was. I learned that Pres is a really empowering place to be, for sure,” Chuck added.

Though Capstone projects are hard work, they are rewarding. “I loved being able to take the liberty of doing it independently and . . . coordinating with the students on my own,” Chuck said.

Pres provides its students with the chance to push beyond what they are used to and pursue what they love. By allowing many students to assume a leadership position and complete Capstone projects, Pres encourages its students to be better leaders of tomorrow.