Shredding the Stress

Anjali Sinha, Reporter

With only a few weeks left of school, seniors are getting closer and closer to beginning a whole new chapter in their lives: college.

After spending countless hours on their applications and receiving the awaited decisions, most seniors decided by May 1 where they were going. This process involved a wide variety of emotions—some were really exciting responses and others not so much. That’s where Sweet Senior Shred comes in.

Director of College Counseling MaryLynne Rodriguez said, “The Senior Shred is in its fourth year at Presentation High School as a way to acknowledge our senior’s efforts and disappointments along the way, with the overarching theme of celebrating their accomplishments and the various future paths that they will be taking next year.”

In a light-hearted setting, seniors took turns shredding their denial letter—and in some cases, letters plural (it was a rough year for some). Encouraging them to move forward and focus on the new, upcoming adventures, Sweet Senior Shred allows Pres students to come together during lunch and rid themselves of the unnecessary weight.

Plus, free ice cream is always a bonus too.

Senior Alice Mathew said, “I think shredding the letters provided closure to a lot of people. It was a fun, official start to the senior events that lead up to graduation, like Senior Lock-in. To me, the event was another reminder that our time at Pres is coming to a close. Yes, all our deadlines have already passed, but it was only at Senior Shred that I realized that we were all going to college soon.”

While the initial reaction may have been upsetting, there is so much to look forward to, and this event really emphasizes that mindset.

So just like the summer reading book said, “Where You Go Is Not Who You’ll Be.”