Teacher Besties

Catherine Bowman, Managing Editor

You may have seen them hanging out around campus, at Starbucks, or heard their stories about each other during class. These teachers met here at Pres and formed friendships not only in school, but also outside of school, doing everything from naming their children differing shades of the same color, going to the Lego store, or running 5Ks.



-When/how did you meet each other?

Z: We walked in and I don’t know if it was that first meeting but we had the same exact eyeglasses. Literally the same exact ones. Coach, the whole style. It was pretty weird.

How has being around each other all the time made your friendship stronger?

Z: You know how those friendships are, there are some friends you feel like you probably had in a past life.

Do students ever tell you about each other?

T: Sometimes students ask me, “Are you really friends with her?”

Z: Do they really?

Z: Is it like couples on TV? Like are you really into each other or are you just acting? They’re usually like, “We’re just acting.” We’re not acting, this is our lives.

-Othe anecdotes?

T: Ms. Zepeda always copies me.

Z: Well, wouldn’t you? Remember the year a student dressed up as you for Halloween?

T: I was thinking more along the lines of I married a short Mexican man, you married a short Mexican man. I named my daughter a shade of red, you named your daughter a shade of red.



-When/how did you meet each other?

W: We met here at Pres. He was introduced at the faculty meeting and I was introduced to him. What was kind of funny was for the first couple months he thought that I hated him.And the reason he thought I hated him was at the time he was interested in Ms. Raposa and he thought I was in love with Ms. Raposa and I would be mad that he was trying to date her. Which was not true, that’s what he thought.

Do you think that’s it’s funny that you’re in such different departments? Does this affect your friendship at all?

W: I’m pretty much an atheist and he’s always talking about how he’s trying to save me. He wants to baptize me, he wants to save my soul and everything. You know, he’s joking and we have those little moments.

-Do you ever run into students while you’re hanging out together outside of school?

W: Sometimes we’ll just make a Lego store run, we’ll just go to the Lego store and check out what they have, maybe buy something or whatever. So we went there one time and one of the old administrators was there and she was there with her two sons. So we ran into them and she was like ‘Oh hey guys, how you doing?  Are you here to buy a present for someone or something?’ and I’m like, ‘Yeah, me.” And the look she gave us, like ‘Wait you guys are here for yourselves?”

Other anecdotes?

W: I would consider him one of my closest friends here at Pres. But even outside of school he’s probably the one that I trust to do the right thing if I need help, I know I would be able to go to him. And I think that’s what adult friendships are about.



-What kinds of things do you do outside of school together?

C: We tap dance!

R: We are not awesome.

C: But we’re not the worst ones! Every Monday night we have tap dance class, and a lot of times we’ll do dinner before. We hang out socially, like just to hang out. I mean we’ve done fun things like the Alcatraz challenge. We did a fun camping trip.

R: We’ve done a bunch of fun things like that.

How has being around each other all the time made your friendship stronger?

R: I think that it just allows us to spend a good part of the day [together]. If something goes wrong or something frustrating happens there’s someone that understands it and is also right there. Like I don’t have to wait until the end of the day to tell her. Or if something sad happens there’s someone right there. Yeah, there’s a lot of really good things.

C: Like when you were out on maternity leave I was like, “This hall is so sad because I can’t hear Raposa teaching down the hall.”

-Other anecdotes?

C: Raposa moved away for a year and that was a really sad year at Pres. It was really sad. Because you’re like my go to person and I was like I don’t have my person on campus.

R: You know what’s so awesome that she did for me? And Ms. Ursin. Her and Mr. Colvin run races all over the place and me and Ms. Ursin do not. We were running a little 5k race and Ms. Ursin and I had never done it. So Mr. and Mrs. Colvin were like a coach and they ran with each of us so we would have company the whole time. So Mrs. Colvin ran with me and if I needed a walk she was like, “Sure let’s do it.” It was really nice.