Club Quirks!

Anjali Sinha, Reporter

Everyone knows the “official” skills that clubs are supposed to teach you, like time management, leadership, project planning, and all the other boring stuff you’re supposed to brag about on your college apps.

But what’s way more interesting are the weird, unique and cool skills that students learn from them. (For example, did you know that the robotics team can identify―and use―every type of socket-head bolt that exists?)

So we’ve compiled some of the unusual skills that our students have learned from their activities, and included some suggestions for when they might come in handy.



Junior Tanya Nobal is amazed by how quickly the Improv team comes up with their skits. As their name―Spontaneous Combustion―suggests, the group creates full scenes on the spot from audience suggestion with little to no planning. Nobal says, “It’s challenging because you never know what they will give you. Whatever scene we get, no matter how strange it is, we have to make a funny and entertaining story that makes sense without planning it out or hesitating.”

Useful for: Coming up with a quick, believable story to your parents about why you missed curfew.


Speech and Debate

From reading and internalizing entire articles in just a few minutes to swiftly memorizing and presenting speeches, members amaze other students with their ability to absorb and spit out massive quantities of information. And have you ever heard how fast they talk?

Useful for: Obviously, cramming for tests. Also, talking your way out of a speeding ticket.



The members of Jazba, the Bollywood dance team, challenge themselves every practice. One of the team managers, senior Sarayu Rao says, “We’ve had four-hour rehearsals where we’ve run our 9-minute routine over and over again.” Most dance routines tend to range between two to three minutes, but Jazba’s main track is almost three times that! In addition to the long routines, intricate dance moves, stunts and expressive facials, Jazba members must be able to translate whole songs first before choreographing to make sure their steps make sense.

Useful for: Building stamina for the for the full-on dance show you have in your room whenever you listen to music. Also, becoming your own Bollywood movie star.


Women in Computer Science

WiCS members discover neat new topics and must figure out how to use them. For example, they learned to convert large numbers and words into binary, a base-2 number system that uses only zeros and ones.

Useful for: Sending coded messages to your friends. Becoming a computer (…robot domination confirmed).



Having only six weeks to design, build and program a whole new 120-pound robot from scratch, the robotics team, Team 2135 – Presentation Invasion, invests hundreds of hours after school and on the weekends to complete their robot in time. Officer and senior Arshia Sharma says, “On the very first day of the season, our Kickoff, all members must read the new 130-page game manual, take a series of quizzes on the material and begin strategizing. We definitely hit the ground running.”

Useful for: Completing massive projects NOT the night before they’re due.


So next time you find yourself in a club meeting, think of a random and interesting QUIRK: Quite Useful Intelligence, Reasoning and Knowledge