A Model for Change – New Principal


Anjali Sinha, Reporter

Over the past ten years, Katherine Georgiev has been serving the Presentation community in a variety of ways. From a being a part-time social studies teacher her first year to fulfilling her current role as vice principal of academics, she has had the opportunity to immerse herself in the Pres community. Now, all of her hard work and dedication has amassed in preparation for the next stage in her career as principal, effective fall 2018.

After completing an application this past September, Georgiev was then interviewed by a search committee which included current Principal Mary Miller, two members of the Board of Directors, two members of the Board of Trustees and two faculty members as well.

In anticipation of the decision, Georgiev experienced a variety of emotions. She said, “I think immediately after any interview or high-stakes conversation, at least for me, I tend to be very self-reflective in evaluating whether my responses exemplified my beliefs and philosophies for Presentation and represented me well.

“I am a firm believer in process and maintaining the integrity of it because I believe that they are deliberately established to ensure the best decisions are made and the right people are consulted, so I was patient yet eager all while respecting the process.”

Once she heard the news of her appointment, Georgiev was elated. She said, “I have been and still am [experiencing] a wide gamut of emotions. The opportunity to serve the sisters, our students, our faculty and our broader community in this way is incredibly humbling and a huge responsibility, and I am appropriately excited and nervous to take on all of what that means.”

Having been VP of academics following her position as VP of student activities, Georgiev has engaged with the culture of Pres. “Being able to be competent in high-pressure situations is oftentimes the best way that you can serve everyone else in those times. I’ve faced a lot of high-pressure and unexpected circumstances over the past five years, and every time you encounter one, they make you stronger and better prepared for the next one,” said Georgiev.

With the new model, Georgiev will work closely with Miller, who will be taking on the role of school President. Still, she assures that her new positions will not bring any immediate or drastic changes to Pres.

She said, “I am a firm believer in change and ideas coming from the ground up, and while I have vision of where I think education is headed in the next five to ten years, I don’t have any specific policies that I have a target on as soon as I step into my role. Those are conversations that I want to have with faculty, students, and parents this spring to get a better idea of what Pres is like for them and what their opinions are and take the collective will and the best of ideas to figure out what are some practical changes that we can make right away and what are some other things that we ought to discuss or what are some policies that we love and should never touch.”

In addition, next year, Presentation will be getting accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. “It’s this amazing opportunity for us as a school to evaluate all of our programs and create an action-plan of what we want to focus on over the next six years,” said Georgiev. She hopes to use that information to direct decisions and ensure the Pres community continues to provide a great education and environment.

Georgiev is committed to making the Pres community stronger through fulfilling the mission of Nano Nagle. She strives to embody the motto, “Not Words, but Deeds” as she embarks on her new chapter.

“Presentation is its students, its faculty, and its mission, and I simply get to serve all of those purposes.”