Coach Shiv is Making a Difference


Photo by Jonathan Streete

Coach Shiv with his varsity field hockey team at halftime.

Hannah Browne, Reporter

He pulls up in his self described ancient car and pops the trunk, revealing a pile of field hockey sticks. Pulling out a stick and grabbing his coaching bag, Shiv Jagday walks slowly across the Presentation field, deep in thought, until he sees his team. A wide smile forms on his face as he greets his team with a friendly, “Hello kiddos!”  

But don’t let that peaceful demeanor fool you. Coach Shiv’s body language changes ever so slightly to that of a respected teacher who associates his success with making a difference in the play of his athletes. It is no surprise that he has coached several field hockey teams to US and Canadian National titles.

Presentation was lucky enough to have Shiv as the varsity field hockey coach in 2006 after he coached the US National team for seven years in Moorpark, California. He was looking for a change after being in the pressure cooker of International and National sports competitions, and his son, an Olympic Field Hockey champion, started working at a high technology job in the Bay Area. The Presentation opportunity was perfect.  

A field hockey player himself, Coach Shiv learned how to play in his hometown of Punjab, India. When he moved to Canada in 1977, he studied the science of hockey and began transferring his knowledge to the Canadian National Team as their coach in 1981.

His greatest accomplishment as a coach occurred in 1983 when Canada won their first gold medal at the Pan Am Games. Coach Shiv glows with pride as he talks about taking the young athletes to the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles: “That was the turning point in my life. When you make people believe and they achieve their goals, that is what it is about, making a difference in young players.”

Making a difference in young players is still the reason why Shiv coaches. During his first tenure at Presentation from 2006 to 2009, Coach Shiv elevated Presentation into a higher Field Hockey division within the league and ultimately took the Panthers to the CCS championship games in 2009, losing only to Los Gatos in the final match.

Returning to Presentation in 2016, after holding prestigious positions in the Canadian Field Hockey BC organization, Coach Shiv is already making a difference. As of press time, Presentation is in the quarter finals of the CCS Championships, with great success in the later part of the season as the team developed.

Commuting back and forth frequently between his daughters in Vancouver and his son in the Bay Area, Coach Shiv has made an extraordinary commitment to the Presentation Field Hockey program.

He says, “When you see this young talent, you have the opportunity to mold them. The student athletes from Presentation … are well mannered and they listen, they respect. When you coach them, you develop them, and you can see that is my biggest joy.”

Part of Coach Shiv’s coaching methodology involves teaching life lessons through stories and quotes. He laughs when he says that the athletes may or may not like his stories, but he believes in their importance.

When asked about a favorite Shiv quote, team co-captain Ryann McManus says, “Good is the enemy of great.” It happens to be the short version of Shiv’s favorite quote as well, “It’s no harder to be great than to be good – know what to do and what not to do and believe in yourself.” It’s a life lesson that is proving to be successful with this year’s team.

McManus says, “One of Shiv’s best qualities is that he is always pushing us for greatness and he is never satisfied with an average performance.” She believes that Coach Shiv has shaped her into the player that she is today.

For Coach Shiv, his biggest moment comes when a young player successfully masters a technique and the joy spreads on her face. He says, “That’s my biggest moment.”

With Coach Shiv in charge, many more big moments are expected from the field hockey program at Presentation. Coach Shiv is making a difference in the lives of the young field hockey players of Presentation High School.