Inter-school Club Collaboration

Anjali Sinha, Reporter

On September 22, 2017, club officers and leaders from Presentation High School, Bellarmine College Preparatory, and Notre Dame High School San Jose all met together at a social to collaborate, promote and plan inter-school events.

As Manufacturing Lead for Robotics and Communications Director for WICS, I also attended in the hope of interacting with the other schools to develop future plans

After playing some lively songs and singing as part of an icebreaker, students gathered in a circle to discuss the importance of networking and the fundamentals behind it. We identified the key aspects of open communication and teamwork.

Then, we sectioned off into groups based on our respective club’s focus. These groups included areas such as STEM/ technology, culture and diversity, arts, media and television,  politics and environmental issues. We each introduced ourselves and described what our club’s mission was. There were many shared traits and that sparked ideas for possible collaborations amongst the different schools.

“We talked about what we could do to tackle topics like diversity, representation and discrimination especially since Bellarmine’s theme this year is talking about discrimination in the 21st century,” said Asian Student Union officer Vivian Le. “We focused on what we can do to unite. For example, one club can work with another club to put on an event to help each other and other similar ideas.”

Many attendees were pleased with the willingness to help the other schools and to make events better. “Everybody’s really happy to help out, and we want to know ‘what is your culture?’ and ‘what do you celebrate?’” Le continued. “On our bulletin board, we even have an announcement where Bellarmine asked us if any of our members or student population wanted to help out with one of the events that they’re having. People want people to help.”

Some of the ideas that came up were a hackathon, a huge and integrated club and culture fair, joint beach cleanups, a theater production for charity, a salsa mixer and other interesting possibilities.

Anime and Manga officer Lesly Aguilar mentioned her takeaways from the meeting. She said, “Networking is a good thing, and the more people you know the easier it is to organize events and fundraisers. I was able to collect some emails from people. We are planning on hopefully doing something with the Disney Club [at Bellarmine], maybe going to Comic Con or doing a fundraiser.”

This was the first time the schools held a Club Social, so there was some room for improvement. ASB officer Jessica Davied said, “One of the hard parts was that there weren’t as many clubs there as we would have liked. We talked about doing it again and maybe trying to coordinate more. Notre Dame coordinated this one, and they did a great job, but we were talking about making the event bigger so that we get more networking going on with the other schools to collaborate on more events.”

Overall this social encouraged some great discussion, and Davied summed it up by saying, “The most beneficial part was having them actually meet each other, because we never really have joint events. It was great to see what clubs they had and what clubs we had and how we can come together to bring our schools closer.”

She and the other ASB officers tried to walk around the groups and push them to come up with interesting ideas for collaboration.

So look out! Listen in during club meetings to hear about some possible mixed events, and who knows, maybe you’ll be dancing salsa soon enough!