Teacher Anxiety Dreams

Teacher Anxiety Dreams

Anjali Sinha, Reporter

Goodnight moon. Goodnight stars. Goodnight teachers….or not. Even though our teachers may “play it cool” on campus, in reality, the start of the new year affects them just as much as it does us. We asked our Pres faculty about their teacher anxiety dreams, and they had some pretty amusing responses.


Grace Lee, digital arts department and yearbook
I had teacher anxiety dreams almost every night last year (my first year teaching). Sometimes it was vaulting over obstacle courses getting to school on time, or an entire class of students forgetting to turn in projects on time. Once I dreamed I was trapped behind the vertical column guides of eDesign, the yearbook editing software. They glowed all in a row, like jail bars.


Dina Cannizzaro, religious studies department and admissions
Over the past 33 years I have had many. I still have the following:
1. Being observed and then being fired because my students rebelled against me on the day I was observed, and 2. Missing the first day of my class because I was confused about an A versus B day, and my schedule was different.


Jordan Wang, science department
The night before school started, I had a dream that I was at my high school (in LA) and someone gave me a chemistry problem that they wanted me to do. I can’t remember what the problem said, but I remember reading the problem (numbers and all) and then thinking to myself, “Oh no…I don’t know how to do this.” I spent the rest of the dream trying to figure out the answer, looking in my textbook, and generally roaming around the school trying to figure out this stupid problem!


Kim Dang, mathematics department
This summer, I had a dream that on the first day of school, I was called over the PA because I was in the pool at the time I was supposed to be teaching. Then, after I rushed to get myself ready, I found out that my classroom was not in room 25.  It was in a very tiny room, near the French classroom. It was so small that there was no way I could possibly fit all of my 30+ students in the room. I had no seating chart, no lesson plan, and nothing ready on the Canvas. The first day was a total disaster in front my new students, and to make matters worse, I was being observed by the new math teacher, Mr. Goodman.


Stefanie Silva, English department
I had a dream a week before school began where I was a Pres student and I forgot that I had a test in a class. I was sweating bullets as I tried to rapidly cram before the test began. That never happens to Pres girls, though, so it was pretty crazy.


Catherine Aquino, religious studies department
This seems like it could be a total downer… the fact that teachers are having anxiety and nightmares about school! I did have a dream the day before school started that I was trapped in a classroom behind dozens of students. I could reach out my arms in either direction and touch the wall as if everything was closing in on me. Yeah. Great to be back.