Ethnicity, Business, and Hobbies – Pres’ New Clubs


Kav Lakshmi and Sam Olivares

Six new clubs centering around culture, hobbies and leadership have been created at Presentation this school year.


Asian Student Union: The Asian Student Union is one of Presentation’s two new ethnic clubs – the first ever ethnic clubs created at Presentation. ASU focuses on celebrating Asian culture and educating those who may not know about it. Senior and club leader Vivian Le says, “It was mostly an effort to try to raise awareness, like…this is who we are and to educate people.”


Anime/Manga Club: Another club celebrating Asian culture is our new Anime/Manga club, created for students to have a place to share their love of the Japanese art forms Anime and Manga, and make new friends with similar interests. To explain their motivation for starting this club, sophomore Allison Dosdos says, “We made a lot of friends through talking about Anime and Manga and we just thought it’d be a nice way to get other people with similar interests and to teach them more about the type of media.”


Jazba: A new program is Jazba – our Bollywood dance group created to celebrate Indian culture and give students an opportunity to dance by having a coach teach choreography. Senior Sarayu Rao says, “I think it caters to anyone who just wants to dance, especially just like Bollywood and bring up cultural stuff, there’s more diversity and activities.”


LatinX: The last of the new culture clubs this year, LatinX (rhymes with Kleenex) is a club whose main purpose is to teach and spread awareness about LatinX culture. LatinX is open to everyone of all backgrounds and is meant to inform and represent students here at Pres. Club officer Nicole Muñoz, senior, says the club will be about “sharing the culture and learning more in depth about LatinX.” The club will be very service based so members will be able to completely immerse themselves in the culture.


Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs of Pres: The next club is one you know and love but has undergone a major makeover. This year the business club on campus is reborn from DECA to the  Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs of Pres. The club’s aim is to educate Pres students about the business world and empower them to take initiative in their business ventures. Through workshops, speakers and contacts, club members are given the tools they need to delve into the business world. Vice Principal of Academics Katherine Georgiev, who will moderate the club, says, “I’m happy to ask [my friends in business] for help if we need to extend our network beyond what our students know and who they know.”


Chess Club: Presentation’s very first Chess Club debuts this year with the message that it is “open for everybody,” according to club founder, junior Aiushe Mishra. The club’s aim is to teach everyone more about chess and push past all of the stereotypes and myths that surround it. Players from all different levels are welcome to come in and learn more about the benefits of chess, both in and out of the classroom. The club hopes to form a team and compete in regional tournaments, so students are encouraged to  join early.