New Lincoln Avenue Food Offerings a Big Hit


Allison Baroni, Features Editor

Nick the Greek

Nick the Greek, a newly opened fast-food restaurant on the corner of Lincoln and Minnesota, offers delicious Greek food at a fair price. The quick-service, cleanliness and kind workers all created a very positive experience.

When I went there around noon on a weekend there was no wait, so I quickly ordered a beef/lamb gyro plate ($11.95) and substituted half for chicken.

It came out just a couple minutes later–but without the chicken. To make up for the error, a worker kindly brought me my food himself.

My first thought was, “That’s a lot of food.” It reached  the top of my basket, the meat crowding right up against fries and tomatoes.

And it tasted great. The beef/lamb gyro was pretty flavorful, and though maybe at times it could have been slightly more so, the yogurt tzatziki sauce helped to balance out the inherently greasy and salty meat. The freshly sliced tomatoes were a welcome addition, and the Greek salad was simple–lettuce, cheese and olives with little else.

The fries, too, were delicious. Crispy and salty, they were just what you need from a french fry. Unaware that I had to specifically ask for “Greek” fries if I wanted them topped with feta cheese, I missed out on what I know to be a delicious addition, but these did the trick.

My only complaint would have to be about the chicken. Instead of being in mostly long strips as I would expect from any type of gyro meat, mine had fallen into little pieces. It also lacked the spices and consistency I was expecting, and though more than palatable (especially with the tzatziki sauce) I largely prefered the beef/lamb. Their rush to get me my meal after the initial mess-up could have been why my chicken was less than expected, but it still fell a little behind expectations.

That being said, I will definitely be returning to Nick the Greek, just maybe not for their chicken. If you are are a lover of Greek food or are just looking for a quick-service place with tasty options on a night when you just don’t want to worry about making food yourself, Nick the Greek is the place for you.


The Source

One of the newest additions to Lincoln Avenue, The Source, a new health and wellness store with a juice bar, has it all. With a focus ranging from plant based cleansing programs to açai bowls to raw ice cream, The Source is sure to attract a large following amongst the health loving Bay Area.

The open-air setting and large wooden table extending out of the store–located next door to restaurant The Table–made it seem incredibly inviting. Although many of their products are made to order, a fridge full of pre-made cleansing juices was accessible along the side with easily read ingredient charts next to it.

Next to the fridge was a long shelf lined with alternative healing solutions and descriptions of the effects that they have on the body.

One display counter contained treats like brownies and Cacao Goji, all made with completely raw and natural ingredients.

I happily ordered an $8.50 Creamy Source smoothie (not one of the most purifying items on the menu, but…well, delicious). I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Although not very filling and with a rather thin consistency, my choice was made only from almond milk, dates, vanilla and coconut cream, so that was to be expected. It somehow struck me as a little icy, but the vanilla and almond in the drink complemented each other each other really well. Little pieces of raw dates added a delicious natural sweetness to the drink.

It reminded me of a vanilla créme from Starbucks, minus the sugar crash, and I really enjoyed the all natural drink.

Next I tried a Cacao Goji ($1.95). Made with dates, cacao powder, pieces of nuts and different seeds including hemp seeds, sunflower seeds and chia seeds, it had the consistency of a fruit bar and was definitely not for someone looking to replace a dessert with something equally as sweet.

From the way it looked, cut into tall cubes and garnished with a goji berry, I had been expecting something a little bit sweeter. But in retrospect, I probably shouldn’t have been. So although I wasn’t impressed with my first bite, I began to enjoy it more and more.

Overall, this new alternative healing and health store is a big hit. I can’t wait to return to try more items on their menu.

If you’ve taken an afternoon stroll down Lincoln Avenue within these past few weeks, you probably noticed a small ice cream store called Icicles. It’s hard to miss, what with the line that is always stretching far out its door.

Icicles offers a new twist on ice cream, one that customers seem to enjoy.
I know I certainly did. Like food in a teppan restaurant, the ice cream is prepared in front of you, combining delicious flavor with an exciting and unique experience.

First though, you have to brave the wait. I went at about 1 p.m. on a Sunday and spent about 45 minutes in line. By the time I left, the line had only grown longer.

When I got to the front, I quickly paid and selected my flavor. There is only one size; however, for $6.50 you not only get a large portion of ice cream but also unlimited toppings. Before you can choose your toppings, though, they have to make the ice cream.

Icicles uses a liquid custard base to make your ice cream. They pour it over a cold, flat surface and from there mix in the needed ingredients.

I ordered the Berry Squad flavor. To make it, they poured the custard over raspberries, blueberries and blackberries. Using flat ice cream spades, the friendly servers simultaneously crushed the berries and mixed them into the liquid custard as it froze. After it was spread out in a flat sheet, they used the spades to roll it up fruit-rollup style. It was really fun and entertaining to watch, as well as cool to know that the ice cream I was about to eat was actually made from real ingredients.

Then came the toppings. I chose whipped cream, strawberry sauce, white chocolate sauce, fresh strawberries and a toasted marshmallow. By the time they pulled out a flame torch to toast the marshmallow in front of me, I was sold.

Then I tried it. I have to admit I was a little worried; I wasn’t used to rolled-up ice cream. But one bite dismissed all of my fears. Even though the ice cream tended to turn into shavings as I ate it, the consistency didn’t taste any different. It was some of the most fresh and delicious ice cream that I have ever had.

Not to mention, the presentation was amazing. Somehow they brought all of my toppings together into an artful masterpiece.

I am most definitely a fan and am planning to “brave the wait” again in the future, because it was definitely worth it.