History of the Miraculous Cow



Have you ever wondered why we have a life-sized, painted cow situated here on campus? Well you can thank Katarina Klask for this wonderful piece of art. Klask was one of over ten thousand students who participated in the Lucerne Art of Dairy  “Sharing Joy” Art Contest, which began in 2006.

In 2010, she was one of only 30 students who were named finalists and received a life-sized, fiberglass cow to bring their designs to life. The theme varied each year the competition took place, and unfortunately it no longer exists. But in 2010, students were asked to express how they shared joy through the arts; in this case, Klask chose to incorporate her love for dance, hence the lovely ballerinas painted on the cow.

According to art teacher Barb Purdy, Klask decided to enter after she mentioned the competition in her Drawing and Painting class one day. Contestants first had to submit a design, and when the thirty finalists were chosen, they had to transfer their designs onto the cow. Klask received money for the supplies and worked on it after school and during the weekends in order to meet her deadline.

According to a press release, these finalists were competing for a $30,000 grand prize. Out of the finalists left, three honorable mentions would receive $1,000, and the remaining twenty-five received $500 in U.S. saving bonds.

Rumors about the cow receiving a new design have been circulating, but nothing is for certain yet. The cow’s original home was recently paved over in order to allow for more foot traffic, causing it to be hidden behind a side wall at one point.

“I personally enjoy looking at it because every time I see it, it reminds me of Katrina and her love of dance and art,” says Purdy.  “I also think it’s fun having a life size cow statue on campus. Something to talk about.”

This competition was really aimed on promoting the arts in school across the country, and Klask’s design is an everyday reminder of our wonderful arts program here at Pres. So the next time you happen to pass this lovely cow, be sure to pay close attention to the amount of detail and effort put into creating it. And who knows? A visit to this masterpiece may spark some creativity of your own.