Craziest Movies at Pres


We all know that sometimes we watch some interesting movies as part of class lessons. I asked Pres girls to tell me the strangest and funniest movies they’ve seen in class, and this is what they said.

  1. World Religions – The Little Buddha. Keanu Reeves (yes, THAT Keanu Reeves, that WHITE Keanu Reeves) plays Siddhartha the Buddha. But it’s okay. He has a SUPER LEGIT Indian accent and LUSCIOUS, GREASY hair, so it’s super accurate. Also, the other male lead is 90s pop icon Chris Isaac. I think this is all I need to say about The Little Buddha.” – Anonymous
  2. PE Health – Taken. “We watched this weird movie in PE Health about what it’s actually like to be kidnapped, which means that if you are abducted, your action star Black Ops father will travel across the world, killing and throat punching more than 100 bad guys to ensure you’re safe, as long as you’re not the slutty friend who tries to go to a stranger’s apartment.” – Anonymous
  3. AP Calc – Race the Sun. “So there is this group of Hawaiians who defy all odds to win a solar car championship — they designed an absolutely disgusting looking car named after a bug that breaks down every hour or so and they still end up winning. And yep, they beat out the snobby rich kids funded by the U.S. government too.” – Anonymous
  4. Honors English 9 – The Yellow Wallpaper. “In the scene we watched, Jane is alone in her room with the wallpaper. The patterns have been driving her insane and she decides to lock herself in the room and tear it all off the walls. She then begins to ‘creep’ around the room on all fours. It was interesting to say the least.” – Faith Springborn, ‘19
  5. Christian Lifestyles – The Truth About Cats and Dogs. “Basically it’s about this radio host who gives advice to people who call in about their pets acting whack…one of the listeners asks her out, but she’s totally insecure because she thinks she’s ugly. She tells him she’s this tall blonde model, but the radio host was actually describing her neighbor. It’s pretty ridiculous because there’s this one scene where the radio host and the guy have phone sex, but Ms. Cannizzaro ended up fast forwarding through that…Yikes.” -Alina Ma, ‘16
  6. Religion 9A – Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat This movie adds the right amount of creepy 80’s music to the Bible with just a hint of mistreatment of women, which is evident at the beginning, when all the old men show up and the young woman shows up late, drops the Bible, and then starts singing.“ – Anonymous
  7. PE Health – Girl Positive. “In PE Health we watch this fabulous movie called Girl Positive where this girl gets HIV from some random guy at a party. Not only is this movie suuuuuper informational, it is also filled with horrible acting, wonderful 90s clothing, and the repeated use of the word “butterfly” to symbolize secret-keeping.” – Anonymous
  8. Social Justice – Blood Diamond “Leonardo Dicaprio is another typical anti-hero but is as fascinating as ever with an African accent. Of course, he dies at the end.” – Anonymous

Note: Submissions have been edited slightly for length, grammar and clarity.